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6 TEDx Talks on the Power of Storytelling

Imagine going a whole day without hearing a single story – is it even possible? Conversations, advertisements, TV shows, articles, novels, our daily lives are all saturated with stories.That’s why being a memorable storyteller is such a difficult task and why people and brands who are great storytellers are revered. But what makes a good Keep Reading

Why Great Storytelling is Critical to Your Brand Image

Marketing has come a long way since the age of the radio jingle and silly taglines. There isn’t just one brand of dish soap or one type of hair dye. The amount of options modern consumers have are endless. This is why simple and attention-grabbing slogans seem to no longer work for the conscious or Keep Reading

Why Businesses Should Be Great Storytellers

Great stories make events, presentations, people, and businesses memorable. When we tell stories that we are passionate about, they shine and are remembered. People want to listen. That’s why stories without a strong foundation of emotion and passion fall flat. Mediocre stories are often forgotten. In the Forbes article “Why Leaders Need to Be Great Keep Reading

Teaching Teachers: A San Francisco Storytelling Workshop

We love helping people who don’t really love museums have a great time on a museum tour with us. Our mission is to help our audience feel more comfortable in these amazing spaces by engaging with them. We talk about their interests, tell crazy stories, and entertain them through our sassy, irreverent presentation style with Keep Reading

Why Being A Good Storyteller Is Good For You – And Your Love Life!

It’s no secret that here at Museum Hack we love storytelling; in fact, storytelling is part of everything we do. Stories can be used to entertain, to help a group bond over shared experiences, or to give insight into a topic or event. We’ve focused on the science of storytelling before, how credible stories can Keep Reading

Why Storytelling Is Critical For Your Business

We fall in love with stories from a young age, whether it be through bedtime stories, acting out our imaginations with toys, or getting lost in Saturday morning cartoons. Storytelling never leaves us as we grow up; many of us still enjoy a great TV show, an incredible book, or sitting around talking with good Keep Reading