The Boy Wizard Tour

Calling All Witches & Wizards!

Have you been waiting for an owl to tap on your window since your 11th birthday? Have you ever thought, “Man, it would be really great to go on a kickass guided museum tour with a bunch of fellow Potter nerds?” This 1.5-hour tour is for witches, wizards, Squibs, & Muggles alike. We can’t guarantee the portraits will talk, but we'll dive into the history of secret societies, reveal braves, smarts, kinds & snakes, & search for equipment like wands to prep for the most important moment in every young witch or wizard’s life — finding your House!

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About Museum Hack: Renegade Tours ✊

Museum Hack started at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2012. Today, we host hundreds of tours every year at museums across the U.S. Our tour types include public, private and company team building.

Our Renegade Tours put an alternative spin on the museum, featuring other sides to the highlights we love, as well as some of the strangest, wildest, sexiest stories hidden throughout the museum. Every tour is unique, customized based on the audience and the guide’s passion and expertise.

You will be with a small group: no more than 12 people, because small groups make for better tours. We promise you will have an active, fun, engaging visit to the museum, all backed by our 110% satisfaction guarantee.

What To Expect On Your Boy Wizard Tour 🌟

  • ✅ Discover your true House, Museum Hack-style.
  • ✅ Unlock secrets of the museum.
  • ✅ Learn about the braves, kinds, smarts, and snakes hiding in plain sight in the museum.
  • ✅ Take your wizarding exams in the form of games and challenges.
  • ✅ Search the museum for wands, robes, pets & other equipment every young witch & wizard needs.
  • ✅ Explore the museum in an entirely new way with fellow Potter fans.
  • ✅ Have an incredible time!

Guest Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Themed Tour Testimonial Photo

This tour was AMAZING! Kristina was so much fun and hilarious! We made a trip into the city specifically for this tour and we couldn’t be happier with that decision. There was games, history, unnamed boy wizards, and lots of laughter. If your thinking about this tour, DO IT, you won’t regret it. Thanks again for the amazing time Kristina!

Loyrn, Visitor
Themed Tour Testimonial Photo

It was so much fun! I wasn't sure what they would be able to do with the de Young and Harry Potter, but they totally pulled it off. Not only did they manage to connect things in the museum to Potter, they also told us of the history behind -- which was so cool to experience. It made me want to come back to the de Young again. Kate and Casey made the stories so entertaining and I'm so happy they were our tour guides! I was feeling awkward because I didn't know the other people but they made everyone feel comfortable by reminding us we all had a shared love of HP. Definitely would recommend :)

Ellie, Visitor
Themed Tour Testimonial Photo

Julian was fantastic. The perfect blend of actual art history and "unofficial boy wizard" information. Yes, you should go on this tour.

Matt, Visitor

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