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What Up, Bitches?

This two hour, kick-ass feminist tour of the museum celebrates the fascinating tales of women in the museum. Including: the "WTF?!" stories and facts behind the female artists and subjects and a total celebration of feminism (without man hating). Badass Bitches Tours are presented with all of the subversive and renegade spirit of Museum Hack. You'll fall in love, dismantle patriarchy, and get inspired to change the world. Dudes and non-gender specified humans are welcome and encouraged!

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About Museum Hack: Renegade Tours ✊

Museum Hack started at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2012. Today, we host hundreds of tours every year at museums across the U.S. Our tour types include public, private and company team building.

Our Renegade Tours put an alternative spin on the museum, featuring other sides to the highlights we love, as well as some of the strangest, wildest, sexiest stories hidden throughout the museum. Every tour is unique, customized based on the audience and the guide’s passion and expertise.

You will be with a small group: no more than 12 people, because small groups make for better tours. We promise you will have an active, fun, engaging visit to the museum, all backed by our 110% satisfaction guarantee.

What to Expect on Your Badass Bitches Tour 🌟

  • βœ… Fall in love with some amazing women you've never heard of.
  • βœ… Take actual steps to dismantle the patriarchy.
  • βœ… Compete to find the baddest bitch in the museum.
  • βœ… Hear plenty of 'F' bombs ('Feminism', that is).
  • βœ… Leave inspired to change the world!
  • βœ… No misandry, AKA man-hating.
  • βœ… No bra burning (the guards won't let us).

Guest Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Themed Tour Testimonial Photo

β€œThank you so much. You, Michelle and Zaza did such an amazing job! We all enjoyed the tour so much and will definitely highly recommend in the future! Thanks again for everything! The photos are awesome! And such a quick turnaround!”

Christie, Visitor
Themed Tour Testimonial Photo

β€œIt was a really awesome tour – my team loved it! Casey and Kate were awesome, just the perfect balance of energy without being cheesy and the game and scavenger hunt were super fun. I think it was perfect!”

Clif Bar, Visitor
Themed Tour Testimonial Photo

The tour lasted only two hours, but in that short time I left feeling like I had learned more about art than I had in months. Not only that, but I walked out of the museum proud to be a woman.

Bitches Who Brunch, Visitor

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P.S: Every tour is backed by our 110% "you will have a great f***ing time" guarantee.