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Hi team, Jackie here! Let’s get started in one of my favorite rooms, where the busiest commuters rush to their trains under a celestial ceiling. Find a spot where you can look up and try to find the following in the beautiful mural overhead. Look closely but don’t linger too long or they might catch on to us!

The ceiling wasn’t always this clean. Back in my day, smoking was allowed here, staining the ceiling. I’m told they cleaned it in the ‘90s but left one spot dirty next to a constellation of an apt name. What constellations is it near? Press pause until you’ve written down the answer!

When my first husband was just a senator, the concourse became home to the 63-foot long Redstone missile. Since it was America’s first large ballistic missile, a cable was anchored in the ceiling to hold the rocket steady. The hole still exists today near which constellation? Press pause and only resume once you’ve gotten the answer.

The mural isn’t the only art on the ceiling. See if you can find the large relief sculptures over the windows. One of the scenes shows a symbol of progress. How is it represented?

Please don’t just wing this one! Now press pause until you’ve got it.

The original benefactors of Grand Central were the Vanderbilt’s. To show off the innovation of the building they funded, they included many electrical features, including electric trains and exposed lighting. Go to the Hall named for this family and count the number of chandeliers they hung.

written with 💖 by Cody Nailor

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