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What can you do when morale is failing, and workers are beginning to extend their lunch breaks to 3pm in order to avoid going back to work?

Offer them something different, something exciting, and something that is rarely ever done: a scavenger hunt from Museum Hack at the Metropolitan Museum of Art or at the American Museum of Natural History!

Employees who feel good are shown to work better at the office. It is in a company’s best interest to ensure that everyone is content, driven, happy, and enthusiastic about their job.

Team building from Museum Hack can offer you a way back to positivity in the workplace, but without the boring nature that they usually take. We are now organizing museum scavenger hunts in New York for corporate groups. This is the perfect opportunity to get outdoors, improve communication, and boost morale.

Our scavenger hunt is like no other! Taking place indoors at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this is the perfect chance to delve into the interesting side of culture without getting bogged down in the trivial. We consider ourselves renegade tour guides, and we guarantee this will be an AWESOME experience for your group. Read some of our previous customer testimonials.

Carefully designed to engage a corporate group, our museum scavenger hunts have become so popular that we are creating more and more, with different routes, tasks, and rewards for each one.

Discover a completely new side of New York whilst bettering the working dynamic of your company is the best solution to boredom. The competition element that is natural within a scavenger hunt will pull together your workers and increase feelings of togetherness (and awesomeness). At the end of the day, the entire group will identify better with each other.

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