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We’re happy to announce that Zak Martellucci, one of our longtime tour guides, has joined the Museum Hack family full-time.

Zak will have a dual role with Museum Hack as a Tour Guide and Creative Associate. In his new position, Zak will work more closely with our sales team to help put his own touch on our regular and unique client projects. Zak will be heavily involved in crafting and supporting our customized tours and events.

“Zak has been a great addition to our team from the time he started with us at the American Museum of Natural History. He has been huge in helping us on creative projects and our audience development work. Zak’s enthusiasm for museums and science made him a great fit for this new role. We’re so excited to see him grow in the Museum Hack family and can’t wait to watch what great new things he’ll bring to the team.” – Nick Gray, CEO of Museum Hack

In his new role, Zak will also play a greater part in helping us support the people who make each Museum Hack experience so incredible – our guides. He will have a hand in training our new guides for our public, private, and corporate events – and of course, he’ll continue to give fantastic tours at our New York museums.

Zak will also lend his creative skills to our Audience Development team. He’s already proven to be invaluable as a support person for this department and he frequently travels around the country to help us put together workshops to teach other museums and institutions what we do at Museum Hack. Zak will continue to help us expand our efforts to improve the museum experience around the world.

Zak leads a tour.

We talked to Zak to get his take on the new role:

“I LOVE working for Museum Hack and am super excited to continue to grow with this company as we support museums around the world to interact with and excite new audiences, getting them to love these museums like we do!!

As a Millennial, I know how a trip to a museum can sometimes be uncomfortable, frustrating and boring, and Museum Hack gets that too! We want to change the way those audiences interact with museums as well as offer a chance for museums to step back and look at their museums in a new light. There are some crazy, wonderful, silly, and impressive things to see in museums and EVERYONE should be as excited about them as we are! I am so glad I get to continue to make sure people do just that!” – Zak Martellucci, Tour Guide & Creative Associate

Congratulations to Zak on the joining the team full time in this new role! If you want to learn more about working with Museum Hack, check out our About Page and Careers Page.

written with 💖 by Carly Syms

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