Is Your Life Like a Bingo Game? An Icebreaker & Networking Event For WOMMA

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Team Building Resources November 19, 2019 Is Your Life Like a Bingo Game? An Icebreaker & Networking Event For WOMMA

Some games would make TERRIBLE real life scenarios:

  • Monopoly — one moment you are building hotels on boardwalk, the next you go straight to jail (do not pass go, do not collect $200)
  • Chess — unless you are the king, you are expendable
  • Game of Thrones — just as you start to like someone, they die

And yet some games are GREAT in real life, think Twister and Charades.

But today, we want to talk about an under-appreciated game that is actually awesome in real life: Bingo. And specifically, Human Bingo, a game we developed for the WOMMA Summit 2015.

Read on to learn the basics of this fun networking activity.

Case Study: Human Bingo at the WOMMA Summit 2015

The Word of Mouth Marketing Association, “WOMMA”, was founded in 2004 and is dedicated to ethical word of mouth marketing and social media marketing. As leaders in this space, it is critical for their organization to innovate and find new ways to engage with their members and other stakeholders.

The problem? Constant innovation can be tough, and their leadership team wanted WOMMA Summit 2015 to be a breakthrough event — one that could propel their organization and mission forward. To their credit, the Summit’s organizers put together a terrific and memorable event for their attendees, but they wanted to work with Museum Hack to push it a little further. We worked with their event management team to organize a networking activity and icebreaker that would have everyone buzzing. We played Human Bingo the Museum Hack way.

How to Play Human Bingo the Museum Hack Way

Human Bingo is a game designed from the bottom up to connect people and it can work for all types of groups. If your group are total strangers, then this game gives them an opportunity to meet each other and learn interesting deals that may not otherwise come out in conversation. For groups that already know each other, like employees, Human Bingo can be a great way for them to spark new conversations and discover shared interests and passions.

To setup the activity, first, we passed out cards filled with custom clues based on people’s experiences. Some clues were generic like “has lived in 2+ countries” or “drinking a clear drink”, which could apply to multiple people in the group. Other clues were customized around social media to match the theme of the conference. These special clues included, “has more than one Facebook account” or “has over 500 followers on Instagram”.

You may have heard of similar games before, where attendees rush around the room, shaking hands and asking questions, “are you the middle child?”, “did you adopt a pet?”, “what year were you born?”. The base of our game was similar, and then we added a Museum Hack twist. First, the clues were randomized, and then people wore glow stick bracelets to put them on a color team. The bracelets added a level of difficulty (and increased mingling opportunity) because the clue had to match up with the color. But perhaps the most successful component of the activity were the group photo challenges included on each card. These included items like “find a group of reds and take a selfie together” and “take a picture of someone random in the hotel.” To finish up the event, we had fun, themed prizes for the top performers at the game.

It was a hit! Check out this video we recorded at the event:

Testimonials from the WOMMA Summit 2015 Team

The great reviews of our event continued after the event. Here is an email we received from a WOMMA team member:

On behalf of WOMMA, I want to thank you for being such an amazing keynote at WOMMA Summit!

And, we got great feedback about the networking game as well. High fives to you and your team!

Would we be able to share a PDF of your presentation in our WOMMA Member Center? Please let me know.

Have an awesome day,


And here is a final video giving an overview of the icebreaker:

Interested in upgrading your event with a Museum Hack networking activity or icebreaker? We’d love to work with you to create a custom event that is perfect for your crowd. Email us at [email protected] or call 1-800-210-9676.

written with 💖 by Museum Hack

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