Monday Funday: Our Recent Most Popular Art Mashups

Carly Syms

Carly Syms
VIP + Marketing Manager

Last Monday marked the official first day of spring! So, even though NYC was recently hit with some snow, we’re celebrating the fact that SPRING HAS ARRIVED by closing the chapter on winter – and looking back at our most popular art mashups and memes from last season.

How trippy is this? (via tumblr)

Raptor w/ Pearl Earring: an oldie but a goodie. (by PageBoy)
xoxo Museum Hack
C3PO Descending Staircase (Based on Nude Descending Staircase No.2, Marcel Duchamp) Mashup by John Mattos
Inspired by Compartment C Car, 1938 by Edward Hopper (via speak gif)
Happy (almost) #MuseumSelfie Day! Here’s a fancy statue selfie via Reddit
The Originals (artist unknown)
La Mort de Robot (unknown)


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