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Curious how to leverage social media to attract new audiences?  Have a fun event later this year that you want to sell out?

We’re giving away a fully paid social media marketing campaign!

You’ll work with our experts in millennial marketing to promote one of your museum’s upcoming events and bring in the coveted millennial audience.  We’ll design and run a hyper-targeted social media campaign to attract young professionals and begin creating new audience relationships with your institution.

Want to know more? Read on to find out how our Audience Development Agency will help sell out your next event.

Museum Hack’s marketing team runs hyper-targeted Facebook ads designed to boost our engagement, convert followers to patrons, and develop a relationship of trust with our visitors.  We know that Facebook advertising works, and we’ve transformed our best practices into the Audience Development Agency.  This marketing service is offered to museums around the world to help promote their upcoming exhibitions and events.  We help museums harness the power of direct outreach and social media to promote their offerings to new audiences and begin creating new audience relationships.

To celebrate this new service, we’re giving away a free marketing package for one museum!

We’ll work with you to identify and conduct direct outreach to local influencers that cater to millennials and young professionals, as well as produce and send out a press release on your upcoming event.

We’ll also produce and deliver hyper-targeted Facebook ads designed to engage new audiences with your museum’s upcoming event.  This is an amazing marketing opportunity, allowing for very focused advertising that produces measurable results online and in the museum space.  We’ll help tailor these ads to reach your target audiences, including customization based on demographics and interests.  We can even create custom audiences based on your existing membership database!  At the end of the advertising campaign, we’ll produce and deliver a report on the effectiveness of your ads and our suggestions for future marketing efforts.

Ready to sell out your upcoming event?  Click the link below and register to win an all expenses paid social media marketing campaign for your museum!

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Terms and Conditions

Contest ends July 14, 2016 at midnight.  Prize winner will be notified by July 20.  Total value of prize valued at $2000.

Winner is responsible for providing Museum Hack with:

  • Information about their target audience,
  • Information on the event to be advertised, including a link to a Facebook or website-based page for the event.
  • Images for use in the advertising campaign.
  • Staff members for discussions regarding the event and advertising campaign.
  • Permission to utilize services and results in a case study on the Museum Hack blog.

Museum Hack will pay for all associated marketing costs, including Facebook ads.  Note that Facebook advertising is customized to meet your specific needs, and as such is subjective to target audience reception.  We cannot guarantee results.  However, our own tests have proven that our methods work in reaching new audiences on Facebook and increasing on-site visitation.  We also take no responsibility for technical errors encountered by the Facebook website and advertising portals.  We will make all efforts in good faith to ensure that your advertisements are delivered as agreed upon.

Participation and/or selection as the winner does not constitute Museum Hack’s endorsement of your event.  Winner may not use Museum Hack brand for promotion of their event.

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