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Have you ever wanted to jam with us in NYC and train like a Museum Hack Tour Guide? Now you can!

We’re giving away an all expenses paid weekend, where you’ll get a behind-the-scenes view of Museum Hack. You’ll learn our tips and tricks for passionately engaging audiences, infusing new life into programs, and hacking museum collections.  

One museum professional and a colleague of their choice will be flown to New York City to enlist in our Professional Development Boot Camp on audience engagement.  

In a three-day intensive weekend, you’ll become a “Hacker in Training” — learning and practicing our methods and brainstorming ideas for your museum.  You’ll top it off by co-hosting with us on a public Museum Hack tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
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Want to know more?  Here’s the schedule of your three-day whirlwind NYC adventure:

On Day 1, you’ll arrive in New York City to meet our staff and discuss the program.  You’ll become an official Hacker in Training, shadowing Museum Hack tours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  During these tours, you’ll observe the skills used by our guides to engage and re-engage audiences.  

Next, you’ll learn the frameworks of this approach — the “5 Elements of a Hack” storytelling process — with a member of our VIP guide team.  You’ll also begin exploring the museum on your own to find objects you want to hack.

Part two of the Five Elements of a hack

When Day 2 dawns, you will meet with our VIP guides to begin putting into practice those storytelling skills.  We’ll train you on our “Elements of a Hack Tour,” including guided informal research towards creating your own hacks and activities.  

Our Museum Hack guides will also assist you with your performance skills, finding objects, and workshopping a brief Hack-style tour.  

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Later, you’ll meet a member of the Museum Hack Core Team to discuss our business model.  You’ll end the day by shadowing a Museum Hack tour.

On your final day, you’ll be ready for any hacking challenge!  You’ll start with a guided brainstorming session on how to use Museum Hack’s techniques in your museum.  Our staff will then help you rehearse your final tour stops and activities one last time.  

That afternoon, you’ll co-host your own Museum Hack tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, presenting your hacks and activities to the public.

Story Telling Museum Hack Style

You’ll return to your museum trained in Museum Hacking, ready to engage new audiences, tell amazing stories, and infuse your museum with all that Museum Hack awesomeness.

A month later, our guides will speak with you by phone to help you brainstorm ideas, solicit feedback, and discuss new learnings.

Ready for the challenge?  Apply now to win an all expenses Museum Hack Boot Camp for you and a colleague! 

Enter here. 

This contest has ended. Prize winner will be notified on November 4.

Did you know we offer boot camps and other professional development opportunities to museum around the world?  Find out more about our museum consulting and professional development work. We’d love to help hack your museum!

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