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Nick Gray takes some time talking to our Customer Service Guru, Nadia Alcide about private museum tours, company team building events, and her favorite thing– wedding proposal tours! Click here to give it a listen on Soundcloud

Transcript of the Podcast

Nick: Are you ready?

Nadia: I am ready.

Nick: I can’t hear you. Are you ready?

Nadia: I’m ready!

Nick: Welcome to the podcast! I’m Nick, and I’’m here with Nadia. Nadia you want to say hello?

Nadia: Hey everyone! Thanks for listening.

Nick: Nadia is our…What is your official title with us?

Nadia: Customer Service Guru

Nick: Customer Service Guru- which is an interesting way to say that she does a little bit of everything, right?

Nadia: Yup, just a little bit.

Nick: How long have you been working with us?

Nadia: I’ve been working with Museum Hack for almost a year now I can’t believe the time has flown by so quickly!

Nick: YAY!

Nadia: So I think its been about maybe 8 months. Horray!

Nick: Horray! That is awesome! I want to talk today about some of the things that you’ve been doing; like booking our private museum tours for our customers, and maybe ask if you have any favorite memories, or just talk. There’s three main things I’m thinking about. One is private family tours, two is our corporate tours and three: should we talk about bachelorette parties? Or what else?

Nadia: Sure, we can talk about bachelorettes and my all time favorite…proposal tours!

Nick: Oh, you gotta talk about proposal tours! Ok let’s start where should we begin what is this process like? I’m mostly interested in like how we shine as a real custom company right because people come to us who want these private experiences, can you talk about that?

Nadia: Sure, so usually we’ll get in a request: whether it be by phone or e-mail. For the most part the company doesn’t really know what they are getting into, or what they want.

Nick: This is for a company, like for a team building tour.
Nadia: Exactly! So let’s talk about the company part first. So they don’t really know what they are getting into, or what they want. So it’s up to us to tell them “Hey, this is what we offer and we can really customize this experience for your mission statement, or your corporate theme of the year, so when we’re able to do that then we’re able to show that company a really great time. Just because they want an outing, but they don’t know how to provide a really nice outing and we take care of that for them, and they don’t really have to worry about anything. They pay for their museum admission and the Museum Hack cost and we take care of the rest for them!

Nick: Usually they, I’d say (at least half or more,) want to add in a glass of wine or something like that, right?

Nadia: Oh yeah, they always want to take the edge off.

Nick: “They want to take the edge off…” I love how you say they don’t know what they are getting into because I don’t know of very many other people that are doing museum tours as a team building event.

Nadia: No, I haven’t heard of any, because when I do work with these groups or these companies I tend to ask them “Hey what else are you looking at?” or “Are we the only person you’ve reached out to?” and I’ve never heard anything else about a museum tour.

Nick: Ok, so, hey- if there’s any other competitors listening go: and do it! You will be the only other one and then we will fight you to the death for the best experience.

Nadia: Awesome.

Nick: Speaking of the best experience- let’s just cut to the chase: can you tell us about some proposal tours?

Nadia: Oh my goodness! It is so exciting doing proposal tours. Just because it’s like “wow.” This surprise factor the woman, because I’m usually talking to the guys, and they’re like “Well I really don’t know what to do, this is what my girlfriend likes,” and so we play around with a few different things, we brainstorm on the phone, we also get our guys involved, and it just makes for a really awesome experience at the end. And my all time favorite was this one guy, he was really into art right, and he decided that he was going to make an art piece…

Nick: Oh no! Wait a second! I know the one you’re talking about and I request that we not give too much of it away. We should hint at what he did. It was beautiful though what he did.

Nadia: It was awesome, because I helped another guy do a proposal, but he helped me, and I helped him, and it just made for a really really awesome experience.

Nick: Yes. Yes. I guess you can hint at what he did it was pretty awesome

Nadia: Well…

Nick: With a ring right?

Nadia: Yes, he made it look like a part of the museum. That is all I will say!

Nick: It was beautiful! She was completely shocked, and I think he bought champagne for everybody at the restaurant. He was amazing!

Nadia: Drinks for everyone!

Nick: Drinks, Drinks, Drinks!


Nick: Ok! Anything else that we want to leave with on for this mini-podcast? Anything fun?

Nadia: No, I mean, I’m just a really fun person! So if there’s any a time that somebody wants to contact me about a private tour, bachelorette tour, or even a corporate tour we actually have two people on our team working on corporate tours. Just reach out to us! We’re loads of fun, and we’d love to see you on a tour soon.

Interested in creating your own private eventEmail us to plan an awesome adventure!

written with 💖 by Museum Hack

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