A Private Tour In DC: “This time was the most entertaining and MOST educational!”

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Just before Christmas, we had the opportunity to take local DC resident Tom and his wife on a private tour of the National Gallery of Art. 

Molly: Swag and Storytelling
Our fabulous tour guide Molly leading a group in DC.

Tom booked the tour for the couple as a Christmas gift for his wife. Our tour guide, Molly, treated them to a private tour for two, whisking them off to the hidden places in the museum most visitors don’t get to see.

We customized the tour to the couple’s interests and led interactive challenges and activities. We also sent them home with Polaroid pictures and stopped to enjoy a glass of wine in the museum cafe!

Tom and his wife – avid museum visitors – had an amazing time on their private tour in DC with us!

“I cannot express to you how much we enjoyed the tour! Molly was AMAZING and so much fun. My wife and I kept talking about it throughout our vacation time. First, Molly was extremely knowledgeable about everything (which you would expect) but it also included random art topics that were not part of the tour she had organized.

Second, she was so much fun to be around. My wife and I are both early to mid 30s and Molly was close enough to our age that we commented that it felt like hanging out with one of our friends. My wife also commented that Molly seemed like that the perfect person to hang out with and share a few drinks with. Her stories were great and funny!

Lastly, the tour itself was perfect. My wife and I love art and love the national gallery. We go usually twice a year, but this time was the most entertaining and MOST educational! We walked away looking at the pieces in such a different way! I cannot stress how wonderful the whole experience was!

The tour was my Christmas gift to my wife and she absolutely loved it! Thank you very much!” – Tom

written with 💖 by Carly Syms

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