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Museum Hack News September 20, 2013 Featured Image

WABC-TV New York covered us in this very cool video piece:

Museum Hack offers unique view of Metropolitan Museum of Art

Group cheers and power moves are a typical part of Museum Hack’s not-so-typical tours of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Mark Rosen is the Creative Director and Lead Guide at Museum Hack. The small group, VIP tours put a unique spin on the Met, featuring lesser-known works throughout the museum, and alternative sides to the main highlights.

Participants will feel like insiders, like when Mark tells you about the Mona Lisa that hangs at the Met, tucked away in a corner of the museum.

Mark studied museum education, and while he can spend hours here, he knows that people often suffer from museum fatigue. So getting physical (like stopping the tour for a group activity), keeps the oxygen going, and certainly keeps people interested.

With the tours, Mark endeavors to make the Met his own, customizing each one based on the participants. Always promised, however, is an active, fun, and engaging session.

Diana: New at 5, a unique way to experience The Met Museum, and this is not your normal tour.

Sade:  No it is not.  It’s not every day you get to cheer in a museum.  Lauren Glassberg had a chance to experience it and joins us with more.  Rah, rah, rah!

Lauren:  So we know that there are many, many tours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and some are offered by docents from the museum and others are offered by outside companies.  And this one is one of those outside companies that brings a certain exuberance to the experience.

Museum Hack:  Thank you guys so much for coming and for looking great today…

Lauren:  Mark Rosen is just getting started with his tour of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and it’s a little different from most tours.

Museum Hack: We are reverently irreverent.  I mean, we bring a certain spunk.  We like to call ourselves a little bit funky.

Lauren:  The tour is called “Museum Hack” because he endeavors to make The Met his own.

Museum Hack:  So to hack the collection we decided we’re going to ignore as many of the highlights as possible and find the things in between that really speak to the personality of this place.

Lauren:  And along the way, tour goers are asked to periodically launch into “power moves”, and there’s a group cheer.  

Museum Hack:  One, two, three

Group:  Museum!

Lauren:  As with all tours, there is a lot of walking.

Museum Hack:  By the end of this you will have walked a mile and a third.

Lauren:  And you’ll learn plenty of obscure details.  

Museum Hack:  The Met had two locations before it moved to this spot.  

Lauren:  Mark will tell you about the Mona Lisa that hangs at The Met, tucked into the corner of this painting, in the corner of the museum.  

Museum Hack:  In the 60s she was here.  She had a little vaycay, world travel thing.

Lauren:  Mark studied museum education, and while he could spend hours here, he knows that people often suffer from museum fatigue, so getting physical keeps the oxygen going.

Museum Hack:  Next two go!  Next two go!

Lauren:  And that certainly helps keep people interested.  

Tour goer:  It’s really funky and very fast.  Lots of jazz.  It’s a really nice way of showing the museum.  It could be really boring at some point.

Lauren:  Museums can be a little boring.

Tour goer:  Absolutely.

Museum Hack:  By the end of this, I tell people, if you’re not jazzed about this place, I haven’t done my job.

Lauren:  We’re jazzed about you, Mark.  Museum Hack tours are on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings at The Met.  They’re $39 a person plus the price of the museum admission [[Edit: Pricing information is out of date.]]

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written with 💖 by Museum Hack

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