12 Virtual Cooking Classes For Teams

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Team Building Resources February 10, 2023 12 Virtual Cooking Classes For Teams

Here is our list of the best virtual cooking classes for teams.

Virtual cooking classes are courses that teach attendees how to cook. Participants will learn to develop delectable culinary habits, study specialized cooking procedures, and make specific recipes. Examples include Home Cooking New York, Top Chef University, and The Chef & the Table. The purpose of these services is to promote team building by learning new culinary techniques in a remote setting.

Cooking classes are some of the best workplace offsite ideas. You can participate in cooking classes as a team social idea, online retreat, or virtual team lunch.

This list includes:

  • virtual cooking classes with kits
  • free virtual cooking classes
  • virtual cooking classes for groups
  • virtual team building cooking classes

Let’s get started!

List of virtual cooking classes for teams

From online webinars to one-on-one video chats, here is our list of some of the best online cooking classes for work.

1. The Chef & The Dish

With The Chef & The Dish virtual team building cooking classes, your team can bond over a unique learning experience. World-famous chefs lead this virtual cooking class and guide you through an interactive cultural and cooking experience. Following your session, the firm will offer a fantastic dinner and allow time for participants to sit and talk.

Through a Zoom video conference, your crew will prepare meals with your global chef, from locations including Italy, Thailand, Spain, Vietnam, and Peru. Your team will have an intensely interesting, confidential, and immersive experience and are free to ask any questions they like.

The ideal group size for The Chef & The Dish’s classes is 15 participants. Costs for classes with ten devices are $1,000, with an extra $85 charge for each additional device. For an extra fee, The Chef & The Dish may arrange to deliver ingredients at your request.

Learn more about The Chef & The Dish.

2. The Table Less Traveled

The Table Less Traveled offers virtual cooking lessons in an engaging and interactive way for remote teams. To ensure event success, The Table Less Traveled hosts live cooking sessions by renowned chefs from six nations. Chefs teach 20 or more recipes in live Zoom sessions.

As the chef prepares traditional dishes from their homeland, your party can learn, laugh, and bond over their similarities and differences. The hosts will design the best individualized group cooking lesson for your visitors, accommodating parties of up to 40 members with ambitious requests. These online classes take 90 minutes. Afterward, your group can have a virtual meal for 15 minutes.

The Table Less Traveled charges $75 per person for the first ten participants in your group and $50 for each addition. The firm also provides a variety of virtual cooking classes with kits. However, teams must have at least ten members to receive the recipe kits. Moreover, prices may vary for virtual cooking classes with kits.

Learn more about The Table Less Traveled.

3. Kitchn Cooking School

You can take free virtual cooking classes with your team through Kitchn Cooking School. Kitchn, a daily online food magazine, developed this virtual cooking school.

These online courses are perfect if you want to learn how to cook efficiently. At a leisurely pace, the Kitchn Cooking School teaches the art of making different recipes. Apart from that, the firm develops participants’ cooking skills necessary to become great chefs. You can sign up and learn the fundamentals of cooking with your coworkers for an engaging team building activity.

The virtual cooking classes by Kitchn Cooking School is a 20-day program with 20 lessons designed to get you comfortable in the kitchen. Grace and Meghan, two witty and astute editors at Kitchn Cooking School, conduct these 20 audio classes.

Learn more about Kitchn Cooking School.

4. Top Chef University

The Top Chef University app offers free virtual cooking classes that are great for bonding with coworkers. Within minutes of using the app, members will have access to hundreds of instructional videos covering various topics, including eggs and dairy, meat and fish, and bread and desserts.

Key functions of this app include:

  • Cook with the top 11 chefs at Top Chef University while learning new techniques.
  • Take advantage of the 20 different courses and over 200 lessons.
  • Enjoy HD video lectures at your leisure.

This program has approximately 60 hours of content that the host will cover in 20 modules. You can start learning to cook together as a team by asking your coworkers to download the app. Consequently, your staff will learn new cooking techniques and form stronger bonds with shared experiences.

Learn more about Top Chef University App.

5. Home Cooking New York

The interactive cooking experiences by Home Cooking New York are a great way to bring remote workers together. Depending on your budget, Home Cooking New York can ship ingredient kits to your team or provide each member with a shopping list.

With the help of celebrity chef instructors at Home Cooking New York, participants can pick up some new tricks in the kitchen. This 90-minute online course will take place on Zoom, and your team will learn how to cook a delicious dinner from scratch.

In order to enhance the efficiency of this virtual cooking class, the chefs also encourage teams to pose any questions to the teacher. Every member will get a home-cooked lunch after the course.

This virtual cooking classes provider charges $650 for ten devices. However, the firm charges an extra $100 for each additional group of ten.

Learn more about Home Cooking New York.

6. Sur La Table

Sur La Table offers online cooking classes to help your team make better meals. Seasoned chefs lead these live, hands-on sessions. The chefs will guide your team through every stage of the culinary process. Along the way, your team will pick up useful ideas to help them achieve a tasty result and gain valuable experience in the kitchen.

One of the top chefs teaches live-streamed classes, so you can ask them questions and get immediate responses. However, even seasoned cooks can benefit much from these guides, particularly if they are curious about exploring new cuisines. Therefore, downloading the ingredients list for your prep packet ahead of time is a great idea to have the items ready for the class.

Your team will interact with the chef of Sur La Table by asking them questions during the session. At the conclusion of the course, you and your team can virtually enjoy a delicious supper.

Each 90 to 120-minute lesson at Sur La Table is a private, password-protected Zoom session, costing as little as $29 per device.

Learn more about Sur La Table.

7. MasterClass

MasterClass stands apart from the other online classes because many well-known chefs teach cooking through this platform.

You can find notable names on MasterClass, such as:

  •  Aaron Franklin, who teaches how to cook Texas-style barbecue
  • Alice Waters, who teaches the art of home cooking
  • Thomas Keller, who teaches Michelin star cooking techniques
  • Gordon Ramsay, who teaches cooking essentials and restaurant dishes

The best way for your team to learn how to cook from some of the best chefs in the world is to join MasterClass’ annual membership. You can learn at your own pace with the help of a dozen instructor-led courses.

Through a $15 monthly subscription to MasterClass, consumers can access online prerecorded video lectures given by some of the most eminent experts in the cooking world. Any MasterClass in the kitchen category will provide you with a full set of recipes and ingredient lists to help you prepare for the class.

Learn more about MasterClass.

8. 18 Reasons

The 18 Reasons Cooking School is in the historic Bi-Rite Market of San Francisco. 18 Reasons is a nonprofit organization with the goal of providing its community with the knowledge, skills, and inspiration to make and enjoy healthy, delicious meals at home regularly. This firm provides free Cooking Matters classes to low-income adults, children, and teenagers in the Bay Area in addition to its regular evening class and supper schedule at its 18th Street location.

The 18 Reasons online cooking classes are ideal for team building with distant coworkers. The menu features simple cooking methods and easily accessible ingredients. In addition, the chefs of 18 Reasons appreciate the members after each virtual session for successful cooking.

These virtual cooking sessions for teams cost approximately $800 for five devices and last 90 minutes. Each additional device over five can cost an extra $50. However, the firm can only permit 20 screens per session.

Learn more about 18 Reasons.

9. Kitchen On Fire

Experienced chefs from Kitchen on Fire will guide your group through each stage of the cooking process. Kitchen on Fire offers virtual cooking classes for groups over Zoom, where each team member can participate, learn, and have fun.

The presenter fosters your group’s enthusiasm by encouraging the members to interact in the class. The presenter will also inspire the team members to cook and help them get ready to wow their loved ones. In addition, the host will cover all the basics of cooking in the session.

The Kitchen on Fire team will email each participant a shopping list, an equipment list, and preparation instructions before the event. Group members will benefit from this culinary experience, as they will learn to prepare delicious dishes together.

There are multiple online group cooking lessons in the class, including an online interactive happy hour, each lasting for 90 to 120 minutes. In these virtual cooking classes for teams, your team can choose between one and two cuisines to learn. Typically, these virtual cooking classes cost $750 per person.

Learn more about Kitchen on Fire.

10. Life At The Table

This virtual cooking school offers entertaining virtual cooking classes. Life At The Table has a number of different courses. These cooking sessions focus on making tasty cuisine from scratch using fresh veggies, fruits, dried herbs, and spices.

Life At The Table conducts all the online cooking classes over Zoom. These online cooking classes involve fun conversations between the chef and the participants. The chef also provides cooking advice and techniques that participants will use long after the class.

With a distinctive two-camera perspective, your team can observe every action the chef takes in the kitchen. In addition, participants can interact with the chef and other participants through the online meeting format. The chefs can adjust the recipes to meet special diets, and no prior cooking experience is necessary for the group to have a great time.

The firm takes care of the hassle of distributing ingredients to the whole crew by sending the cooking kits to the doorsteps of each participant. However, groups can shop for ingredients independently. Moreover, these virtual team building cooking classes typically last for 120 minutes.

Learn more about Life At The Table.

11. TasteBuds Kitchen

The virtual team building cooking classes offered by TasteBuds Kitchen are perfect for bonding with coworkers or entertaining clients. The hosts encourage a lively and social atmosphere by providing information and responding to inquiries from audience members. In these classes, novices and pros alike will feel at home.

Before starting the class, the firm will send a Zoom link to each participant to join the session.

During the session, the instructor will:

  1. Welcome members to the virtual cooking classroom
  2. Review the menu, products, and equipment the team will use
  3. Lead members through the recipes

The virtual culinary classes at TasteBuds Kitchen last for 90 minutes, and members can choose the recipe they want to learn. In addition, the host will send an email including the recipe to each participant. If you choose to include ingredients kits in your order, then TasteBuds Kitchen will send a fully stocked kit to each team member that includes all the necessary ingredients and tools. Cheese and eggs are the only foods not included in the kits.

The cost of each event by the company starts at $900. The prices may increase or decrease depending on client demand and the ingredients in the kits.

Learn more about TasteBuds Kitchen.

12. Cozymeal

Cozymeal offers multiple virtual cooking classes for groups. The chefs at Cozymeal recommend holding interactive Zoom meetings where each team member can ask the chef questions.

Before the session, Cozymeal also gives each member a list of the ingredients. For an additional fee, Cozymeal can also organize and ship the ingredients to each participant. The members will also have constant access to the instructor so they may address any concerns during the session.

As a team building exercise, you and your employees can take advantage of the interactive format of online cooking lessons by scheduling a session together. In this course, participants can ask specific questions or check the cooking progress visually. Cozymeal’s classes often cost $19 to $39 per participant.

Learn more about Cozymeal.


Developing your culinary skills and becoming a home chef is easier than ever with the help of virtual cooking classes. Whether you are a seasoned chef or have just started cooking, all the online cooking schools on this list have something to offer. You can take these online cooking classes whenever convenient, and they are typically more affordable than traditional cooking schools. In addition, you can frequently utilize courses like these as online alternatives to traditional team building exercises.

Next, check out our lists of remote employee engagement ideas and virtual wellness ideas.

FAQ: Virtual cooking classes

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about virtual cooking classes.

What are virtual cooking classes?

Virtual cooking classes are online sessions where professional chefs teach cooking using video conferencing software like Zoom.

Virtual cooking classes are a great team building activity since they break up the monotony of the typical workweek. These courses also foster teamwork and communication among groups. Plus, participants all get to learn a new skill together!

What are the best virtual cooking classes?

Some of the best virtual cooking classes are:

  • The Chef & The Dish
  • Home Cooking New York
  • Sur La Table
  • Top Chef University

Having a virtual cooking class with your team can help with team building, employee satisfaction, and retention because it creates shared experiences and memories. These classes also give time off work and allow members to learn new skills that can benefit them daily.

What do you do in virtual cooking classes?

In virtual cooking classes, members learn how to cook different recipes from professional chefs. The hosts also guide the members and answer their concerns during live sessions. Apart from that, chefs share different tips and strategies the members can use while cooking to make their dishes stand apart from the rest. These cooking classes teach various recipes, from basic cooking to restaurant-style dishes.

Through the provided virtual platform, a professional chef will train all attendees to prepare a multi-course dinner from scratch. Members can cook with the chef, observe and note all the necessary points, or cook later.

written with 💖 by Tasia Duske

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