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Museum Hack specializes in renegade VIP tours of major museums across the country. 

Our most popular tour is our VIP Night adventures at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  These customized tours explore the crazy gossip and unique stories hidden in the Met, all while fostering fun learning and encouraging guests to see the museum in an entirely new way.

Bex discussing Diana and the Stag at our VIP Night tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Renegade Tour Guide Bex reveals the hidden story behind Diana and the Stag.

During our VIP Night tours, guests learn the secrets of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, including the juicy backstories behind many of its objects.  Things that most visitors pass by come to life as we recount their everyday uses and hidden meanings.  One object we absolutely love is Diana and the Stag, made in Germany around 1620.  At first glance, it appears to be a statue — like the hundreds of others in the Met.  But what makes this object special is that it is actually a 17th century drinking game!! On display with other curious drinking cups, the stories behind these objects reveal how they were used in manners very similar to modern social gatherings.

Check out these recent testimonials on our VIP Tours at the Met:

“It was not a 5 star experience…it was more like a 10 star experience!  Good job and brilliant tour.”

–Mark Birch of Enterprise Sales Meetup

“Fantastic.  This is how the Met should be toured.  Highly recommend next time you visit, you won’t look at this iconic museum the same afterwards.”

–GriffinJames on TripAdvisor

Renegade Tour Guide Kate discusses the hidden stories behind a painting at the Met

“I am a trained museum tour guide and to be honest I was both excited and skeptical about the Museum Hack experience. The tour led by Kevin and Kate exceeded every expectation I had and gave me a bunch of new techniques I will apply to my tours back home.  If you want to take an in-depth tour of the Met this may not be the tour for you, but if you want a hilarious, memorable, and immersive story to bring home you’re in luck.  This was the best museum tour I’ve ever taken.”

–paulalgu11 on TripAdvisor

Ethan giving a guest a high-five
Another fun museum adventure!

We love showcasing museums in an entirely new light.  To discover the juicy, hidden secrets of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, join us for customized VIP Night Tour, our daytime Un-Highlights Tour, or fall in love with amazing women you’ve never heard of on our Badass Bitches Tour.

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