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Team Building Resources September 12, 2019 A VIP Team Building Experience In NYC

More and more, companies are expanding their operations and hiring individuals across the globe. This presents new challenges for cohesiveness within and between departments in the company. These challenges are not impossible to overcome; with a little commitment to team building, your employees can be moving along smoothly and productively. Check out how Museum Hack’s team building activities at the Met worked for global cosmetic giant Shiseido.

Shiseido is a large, international cosmetic and fragrance company with hundreds of subsidiaries and thousands of employees. The business aims to inspire a life full of culture and beauty. With such a rich commitment to embracing global cultures, we couldn’t think of a better place for team building than the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

George Washington Crossing the Delaware, Shiseido Style.
George Washington Crossing the Delaware, Shiseido Style.

How To Embrace Individuality While Working As A Unit

Shiseido had a specific goal in mind for their team building adventure: they wanted to focus on “individual strengths contributing to the whole.” In other words, how could Shiseido’s company embrace what makes each employee unique in order to benefit the team as a whole?

We loved the challenge!

Our day began with a stop in the gorgeous American Wing Courtyard for a glass of wine (what Museum Hack tour would be complete without one?) before moving on to many of the Met’s amazing, hidden treasures. We surprised the team with a visit to the Musical Instruments Gallery, where an singer well-versed in classical Indian music serenaded the group. And, as if one surprise wasn’t enough, upon arriving back in the American Wing, the team members were treated to a private performance by a guest magician.

Shiseido’s tour continued with more in-depth team building activities. In classic Museum Hack style, we taught our storytelling workshop, revealing the 5 Elements of a Hack that we use in everything we do. Not only did we teach those elements to Shiseido’s group, but we also came up with ways they could use the elements in their own work.

As the afternoon went on, we brought the group to the Temple of Dendur, a complete Egyptian temple that was flown overseas and now calls the Met home. We played the Dendur Derby with the group – a team building game designed to help flex creative marketing muscles using the storytelling methods we’d just taught.

The game begins with our guides telling the fascinating story of how the temple made its way to New York City before the group is divided up into smaller teams, who create their own towns. Group members elect one another to roles within the town: mayor, constable, etc., before they pitch to all the other towns why their team should be the town that receives the temple. The winning team gets eternal glory and all of the bragging rights that come with owning an ancient Egyptian relic.

Shiseido team members developing their pitch to win the temple.
Shiseido team members developing their pitch to win the temple.

To top it all off, the group from Shiseido ended the day with a scavenger hunt, scurrying through the museum to complete the hunt the fastest and with the most accuracy.

“Our goals for the day were achieved!”

It was a wonderful day of team building at the Met! Shiseido’s group had a great time and their coordinator wrote in after the tour to thank us for the adventure. 

“We had a great experience. Thank you and your team for making sure that our particular needs were met and that our goals for the day were achieved!”

The team enjoying their tour.
The team enjoying their tour.

Whether your team is a smaller section within a larger company that spans the globe or a small company itself, our team building tours will help your employees find and celebrate each other’s individual strengths in order to make your team more cohesive together.

Do you have a company event you’d like to hack? We’d love to talk to you about our methods of supercharging events and customizing our tours for your team’s goals! Give us a call at 1-800-210-9676 or send us an email at [email protected].

written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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