Use of the “F” Word RE: Museums Are F***ing Awesome

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We got some good feedback from a customer that I wanted to share. This is regarding some of our marketing material where we say, “Museums are F***ing Awesome!”

Thanks for the great tour.  You energized, enlightened, and challenged me to look closer and understand deeper what is around me. I challenge and implore you to not use the “F” word in your presentation and promotional materials.   The “F” word takes a beautiful act of love, trust, compassion, passion, pleasure, and affirmation of life between two people and as you would say”flips it” into the most hideous of acts by one person against another.  To f-ck someone is to turn love into hate;  compassion into intimidation; passion to rape; trust to violation, contempt, humiliation; and pleasure to pain. Thank you for your consideration of this matter and thank you the wonderful time we shared together at the Met. I really did enjoy the energy and info provided by the two tour guides that I had the opportunity to spend time with.

Good point here. Our brash marketing might turn off some people, and this person writes a solid point about using that particular word in our particular context.

We want to keep it as-is, for now… mostly because we think that for each one person who is turned off by our usage of that word, nine more are lit up and get excited. But we appreciate the dialogue and believe his comments were worthy of note in a dedicated blog post.

If you have comments or feedback on what we’re doing, email us! Our address is [email protected]

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