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Have you ever wanted to jam with us in NYC and train like a Museum Hack Tour Guide?

Want to develop unique skills in engaging, informative storytelling that are proven to bring in new audiences and increase institutional relevance?

Now you can!

Mona Boot Camp

Join us for an exclusive boot camp for museum professionals from February 26 to 28, 2016.  You’ll travel to New York City to learn our tips and tricks for passionately engaging audiences, infusing new life into programs, and hacking museum collections. You’ll also get to explore the juicy gossip and hidden backstories at two of the most famous museums in the world: the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History!

In a three-day intensive weekend, you’ll become a “Hacker in Training” — learning and practicing our methods and brainstorming ideas for your museum.  You’ll top it off by having you present an object or activity hack a real tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Museum Hack staff.

Want to know more?  Here’s the schedule of your three-day whirlwind NYC adventure:

Ethan Angelica and Dustin Growick
Join Ethan Angelica and Dustin Growick to learn our secrets of successful audience engagement!

On Friday, February 26, you’ll arrive in New York City to meet our staff and discuss the program.  You’ll become an official Hacker in Training and shadow our VIP Tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Friday night. 

On Saturday morning, we’ll whisk you to the American Museum of Natural History.  You’ll embark on a brazen expedition through the halls of this 27-building, 1.6-million square foot landmark cultural institution to observe the skills used by our guides to engage and re-engage audiences.  You’ll also experience our engaging, informative storytelling techniques first-hand.

AMNH Tour Group

We’ll break for a group lunch and then walk across Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  You’ll spend the afternoon learning the frameworks of our approach:

  • The “5 Elements of a Hack” for creating successful narratives for exhibits, spaces, and objects;
  • Elements of a Hacked Tour, including activities, pacing, and varied types of pieces to engage, and re-engage, audiences; and
  • Activity Design, including methods to encourage visitors to verbalize their feelings in an open and non-threatening environment, explore the museum kinesthetically, and use technology to continue exploring and make connections long after their tour is over.

Our Museum Hack guides will also assist you with your performance skills, finding objects, and workshopping a brief Hack-style tour.  You’ll then begin exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Art to find an object you want to hack.  Dinner is on your own, but you’ll be able to stay and work in the Metropolitan Museum of Art with us until closing!

On your final day, you’ll be ready for any hacking challenge!  You’ll present your object or activity hack to Museum Hack’s VIP Guides during a special tour of the Met. Afterwards, we’ll gather for coffee to assess your performance and give you great takeaways that you can immediately implement at your museum.  You’ll return to your museum trained in Museum Hacking, ready to engage new audiences, tell amazing stories, and infuse your museum with all that Museum Hack awesomeness.

Group jumping in front of Temple of Dendur

A month later, our guides will speak with you by phone to help you brainstorm ideas, solicit feedback, and discuss new learnings.

Still curious as to how Boot Camp can benefit you? Hear what Holly Swangstu of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum said about her Boot Camp experience:

Ready for the challenge?  Reserve your slot now to join our exclusive Boot Camp for Museum Professionals in New York City!

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Cost includes all museum admissions and entrance fees, attendance to our VIP Night Tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and our AMNH Saturday morning tour to see how we do it live, lunch on Saturday, and coffee on Sunday.  Participants are responsible for all other related costs, including travel and lodging.

Registration is limited and ends February 20, 2016.


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