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At the end of March, Rachel Levinson, blogger of The Strutting Leonardos came on a tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art with us.  She brought along a slightly unwilling friend, who categorically did not like museums. To the friends surprise, they had an absolutely fantastic time on tour. Levinson wrote a wonderful review about how it completely changed their view on having fun in the museum. 

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While the rest of the tour is filled with ornate drinking vessels, stately dining rooms, and a highly expensive trecento (fancy word for 1300’s) painting of Madonna and Child with a funny story… THIS moment with Haberle and William Harnett is pure art nerdery. The paintings aren’t instagram-friendly, they don’t inspire a silly game, they’re just well made paintings with a significant history.

Which is the point the tour drills into us. All art in museums, even if it doesn’t interest you upon first sight, have a rich history. Only the history doesn’t have to be a sterilized set of paragraphs on a wall panel. The facts are just as true (and even more interesting) when you hear it from others via engaging storytelling.

LEARNING ABOUT ART DOESNT HAVE TO BE BORING. Your museum explorations can be accentuated with the phrase “mic drop” and the art will still hold its cultural significance. Museum Hack takes advantage of the fact that the art can’t hear you. You’re allowed to poke fun at the literal sideboob in a painting (see below) and it will still remain just as historically and monetarily valuable.
Rachel Levinson, The Strutting Leonardos

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