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One of our expert tour guides, Jessye Herrell will be lecturing at the Touring Exhibitions Meeting’s (TEM) upcoming annual meeting in Munich, Germany on September 13, 2014. Jessye is a Museum and Media Educator with a background in the media arts and a passion for arts education.

Jessye will be presenting a keynote speech about how Museum Hack engages and entertains new audiences, and how our tours are changing the way people think about museums in New York City. 

“For most of us, organizing touring exhibitions or working in a museum or art centre, face the incredible challenge of creating interesting guided tours that are educational as well as fun. Museum Hack is a company that tackles just that: The creation of fun, educational and sassy tours aimed at people who were interested in the arts, but found regular museum tours either intimidating or too boring for their taste.”
 Touring Exhibitions Meeting

The lecture will take place at the 3rd edition of The Touring Exhibitions Meeting, in Munich on September 13th, at 4:30pm. Find out more about the program here

We are convinced our rock star tour guides will take over the museum tour world by storm! Read or watch our interview with Jessye.


Changing the way people view museums is our passion, and we are thrilled at the opportunity to spread our ideas globally.

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