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Uncategorized November 17, 2019 Using Twitter at a Trade Show

Using Twitter at a Trade Show: 1 Free Tip to Get Lots of Exposure

Want a LOT of free press for your company? Give props to your peers. Take pictures of other people’s booths and share them on Twitter.

Last week, we attended our first ever trade show: New York TechDay 2014.

Our company provides renegade museum tours. We didn’t have a huge budget to advertise at the show. So we took a renegade marketing approach.

Using my cell phone and our company Twitter account, I took pictures of other interesting companies and their trade show booths.

In two hours, we tweeted almost 50 photos. 35 of those were retweeted by 60 different companies and CEOs to a total audience of 86,782 people.

We tweeted directly to the company, so it didn’t blow up our Twitter feed. The companies or their CEOs usually RT’d our pictures. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Summary: Everyone Loves Pictures of Their Booth

  • We took pictures of companies and their staff in their trade show booths.
  • We shared whatever short marketing message was readily available on their signage.
  • Because we tweeted directly to the companies, our Twitter followers weren’t affected by the onslaught of Tweets.
  • Our materials cost was zero, it took zero preparation, and two hours of time.
  • As a result of these efforts, 35 of our Tweets were re-tweeted by 60 different companies and CEOs.

More Info: Our Booth

Here is a picture of our booth, which cost us about $180 to print the signs and $12 for the paper table cover (thanks Kate!). Plus $5 for the plastic gold photo frame that Mark found at Goodwill.

Lewis, Lia, and Mark from the Museum Hack team at our booth for NY TechDay 2014

Our booth had a great staff (our Tour Guides are famous and amazing) and we got a few people to take pictures with the picture frame and “Fine Art” sign gimmick. Visitors were encouraged to post pictures to their own social media with the hashtag #MuseumHack. Those photos reached almost 1,000 Twitter users and close to 900 Instagram users. It was an interesting tactic, but not as successful as our booth photos.

More Info: Detailed Stats from our Twitter RTs

Discussion Question: What is the value of a RT?

On the short-term, this photo stunt put our company name and logo in front of almost 90,000 high-value NYC tech viewers.

We went for the long tail here, somewhat focusing on smaller companies that were more likely to RT our pictures. I think RTs are going to be ranked like outbound links were in the late 90s. High PageRank value.

For Next Time: Something I Would Do Differently

  • Prior planning. I simply wandered the trade show floor, looking for interesting booths, and searching to see if they had a Twitter presence. With a little bit of research, I could have identified likely “targets” or high-value Twitter accounts. That seems a bit disingenuous for my style, but I guess marketing is an arms race these days…


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Written and executed by Nick Gray with support from our awesome Museum Hack team. Special thanks to S. Lewis Feemster for help with writing and data analysis. Our company does innovative museum tours (see our home page). We’re not a software company, but we think they let us into the TechDay show because we had the word “Hack” in our name.

written with 💖 by Museum Hack

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