Tuning Out the Digital Buzz for an Intimate Communion With Art

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How should personal technology be used in the museum? 

Is technology helping us understand and explore the collection, or is it just a distraction?

What is the balance between these two ways of experiencing art?

We’ve visualized and summarized this article by Holland Cotter (published on Mar 16, 2015, by the New York Times.) which explores these questions.

Digital Buzz title slide

Digital Buzz - Once upon a time, museums were the quiet cars of a fast-track American culture industry

Digital Buzz - The only way you would retain what you saw was to spend time in the galleries, and imprint things on your brain

Digital Buzz - Today, millions of people stream through museums.  They move through galleries fast and with a new purpose.

Digital Buzz - With a camera in hand, audiences have a new viewing rhythm - stop, point, pose, snap

Digital Buzz - Accessibility is the first and last word on the lips of museum directors

Digital Buzz - The basic idea is simple - More people should be able to see more art

Digital Buzz - Now, through electronic media, we can survey an extraordinary amount of art

Digital Buzz - But what are we missing by not just standing in front of the art itself?

Digital Buzz - Digital photographs can give us a sense of things, but not the entire experience

Digital Buzz -  woman in front of art

Digital Buzz - Scale is one thing we miss.  When a painting is as big as a room, it feels different

Digital Buzz - Texture doesn't translate through pictures

Digital Buzz - A recent scientific study suggests that people enjoy art more and remember it longer, when they see it live in museums

Digital Buzz - The digital presence of entire museum collections online is a tremendous gift of pleasure and knowledge

Digital Buzz - But the further we distance ourselves from art itself, from being in front of it, life is what we lose - art's and ours

Tuning Out Digital Buzz credits slide

The original article, “Tuning Out Digital Buzz, for an Intimate Communion With Art” was written by Holland Cotter. It was published by The New York Times: follow them on Twitter.

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