Trust Falls: 13 Reasons Your Company Should NEVER Do Trust Falls

Carly Syms - VIP + Marketing Manager


Are you thinking about doing trust falls on your next company retreat? Unless you are an Olympics Gymnastics Team or Cirque du Soleil you should probably pass on this activity. While trust falls are one way to create bonds between your employees; they have one serious drawback, you may just end up dropping Ted from Accounting on his head. Here are 13 reasons you should NOT do trust falls at your next company team building event.

This high school girl from Mean Girls that trusted the distracted audience a little too much.

This little girl who trusted in the wrong direction.

This guy who trusted his way all the way to the ground.

This guy who caused a head on collision between his friends.

This adorable trust-falling bunny.


This hopeful trust faller.

This trust falling duo.

When beverages > trust.

This trust falling puppy. Awwww, so cute though.

This equipment malfunction.

This slow-mo tortoise.

And case in point, this girl.

We hope that after viewing this post you have rethought trust falls as a “fun company team building activity.” Instead, check out our company team building at the world’s best museums. It’s fun, it’s active, it’s collaborative, it fights museum fatigue, and nobody gets dropped on their head. #winning

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