Top Instagram Posts during August 2015

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Diana and Dustin are here again for another month of museum photo round-ups! We have been running a series of posts where we look at the Instagram accounts from the world’s top five museums and institutions, review what they did right, and even have some fun along the way.

Read below to find out:

  • Which posts made the biggest waves in August, 2015.
  • What we think made the posts so popular.
  • How you can create something similar on your institution’s Instagram.


Louvre @juanjerez dawn

(See it here: 5.3% of followers, 13.8k likes,

Dustin: I feel like a broken record here, but architecture and great photography ALWAYS win. And I love how the sun is positioned perfectly at the nexus of the roof. The beams of light almost bend around it. Celebrate the building itself, museums! It’s the first thing people see!

Diana: I think what people really want from museums is a new perspective on something they’ve seen a million times, and something they can really relate to. You know how often people post photos of the Louvre’s exterior? It’s non-stop! People really appreciate these really interesting and picturesque views of the museum, even if it’s nothing new to us, because we do this every month.



Barack and Michelle Obama, Chicago, Illinois, 1996, printed 2009(See it here26.2k likes, 3.4% of followers)

Dustin: How old is he?! This photo is an amazing snapshot of the two of them, but what ultimately makes it so stirring is the nostalgia factor. Not just with respect to the first couple, but because it brings me—personally—to an entire different time and place in MY life. That’s powerful.

Diana: It’s weird because I think part of the reason people like this photo so much is that it’s not a typical “museum Instagram” photo. This is the Met saying, “Hey, we are relevant to your lives in all kinds of ways! Follow us and you won’t just see Met interiors and close-ups of paintings and tapestries!” And guess what: it’s working. This photo has more likes than any of the other museums we talk about in these posts!



@asenseofhuber took a @TurtleTuesday field trip to LACMA and posted this adorable photo in front of #UrbanLight(See it here7,628 likes, 2.7% of followers)

Diana: Lookit this freaking adorable turtle, man! This spot at LACMA is just a treasure trove for fantastic photos. Whether it be kids, great lighting, or a cool turtle dude, it always wins.

Dustin: This is amazingly cute and feels so ALIVE. So many art museum Instagram accounts are filled primarily with, well, art. But doesn’t the best art makes us feel alive?! Or—at least—make us feel, and feel deeply? This little guy makes me feel deeply happy.

Diana: Yes! And like I said before: museums are trying to find ways to become relevant in our lives outside of just their artworks! LACMA is doing an awesome job at showing us how else we can think about and interact with their space and their mission.



Starry Night view Vincent van Gogh MoMA(See it here21k likes, 2.2% of followers, )

Diana: So what do you think – is it just the “masterpiece factor” that makes this photo so popular? Is the the fact that the museum provides us with a new way to experience the artwork that would normally get you kicked out of the museum for trying to get too close?

Dustin: I think it’s both. Because it’s not immediately evident what it is, it encourages people to practice “high levels of noticing”, which in turn allows them to “discover” what piece it is on their own. They paused, and then actively participated in the creation of the meaning of their fleeting Instagram experience.

Diana: Whoa. That’s deep.



Perseid meteor shower AMNH(See it here2,805 likes, 1.5% of followers,

Dustin: Lemme quickly check Instagram while waiting in line at Walgreen’s. OH WAIT I’m but a speck of matter nestled on a tiny rock that’s rocketing through spacetime at around 67,000 mph (107,00 km/h). Jennifer Aniston is on the cover of People AGAIN?!

Diana: And don’t we all love to realize all that while scrolling through our phones on Instagram? I know I do.

Likes tallied on September 4th, likely increased after publication of this analysis.

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Come back next month, we will be back to review the top posts of September.

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