5 Things We Learned from Anchorage Museum’s Polar Lab

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A few weeks ago, we interviewed a museum professional, Doug Adams, from Anchorage Museum in Alaska. He told us about his program, “Polar Lab,” an event aimed at engaging new audiences that has been very successful.

You can check out the whole interview to find out how engaging with and including younger generations and their thoughts, ideas, and voices is changing the scape of their museum.

Anchorage Museum 5 Things We Learned about Pop-Up Programs title
Anchorage Museum asked young professionals what they liked wanted wanted out of the museum
Anchorage Museum started small and played around

Anchorage Museum made the museum personal
Anchorage Museum got lots of different viewpoints on the event
Anchorage Museum adapt to stay relevant
Anchorage Museum credits slide

Want to know more? Read the full interview here.

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