The Hill is Home: “I fell in love with the National Gallery even more”

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DC’s The Hill is Home has posted a great review of our new tours at the National Gallery in Washington, DC. Writer Maria Helena Carey came on a tour and loved the blend of intimacy and fun on our VIP museum adventures.
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Museum Hack Featured on DC’s The Hill is Home: Museum Hack: Highbrow/Lowbrow Fun  

Although Museum Hack bills itself as a tour tailored for people who don’t like museums, I happen to love museums. However, during this tour I fell in love with the National Gallery even more.

Maria Helena Carey, writer for the Hill is Home

Molly leading a National Gallery of Art tour


We get our guests to engage with the art, by talking with them in a language they not only understand but can relate to, and by being truly excited by what we we choose to show on the tour. We love what we do, and are passionate about the pieces we talk about. We’ve made it our mission to open peoples eyes to just how amazing the National Gallery of Art is.

Molly, our guide, was not only extremely knowledgeable about art –the rooms to which she guided us included a vast array of styles and techniques, and she was as comfortable speaking about Medieval Apocalyptic painters as she was about American primitive art. She was also well-versed in politics, intrigue, the rivalry between New York and DC and assorted conspiracy theories, as well as, put simply, the art of having fun. She sums it up best, saying, “having fun doesn’t mean that you aren’t learning important historical facts or are not looking at or appreciating the art.” Molly certainly made it look easy, seamlessly transitioning from room to room and weaving stories that intertwine with the subjects of the paintings and the artists themselves. It was a special experience, one which I hope to repeat soon.

Maria Helena Carey, writer for the Hill is Home

Read the full article: Museum Hack: Highbrow/Lowbrow Fun Want to check out our tours of the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC? Book tickets here.

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