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The Touring Exhibitions Meeting’s (TEM) 2014 Magazine has come out, and includes a great article about Museum Hack. We wanted to post the interview they did with Jessye Herrell, one of our fantastic tour guides. Jessye will be speaking at their next conference, on September 13th at 4:30 at the Olympic Park, in Munich, Germany. 

“Most of us who organize touring exhibitions or work in a museum or art centre face the incredible challenge of creating interesting guided tours that are educational as well as fun. Museum Hack is a company that tackles just that: The creation of fun, educational and sassy tours aimed at people who are interested in the arts, but who have found regular museum tours either intimidating or too boring for their taste.” 


Interview with Jessye Herrell:

Q: What’s it like to challenge the conventional methods of museum viewing?

In a word: fun. It feels more like a natural progression than a challenge to convention. While museums hold some of the greatest treasures from the past, they don’t have to be tombs. For museums to keep the attention of the masses in a fast-paced, ever-evolving, digital culture, they’ve got to respond to the preferences and needs of their changing audience. We definitely get some push-back from people who don’t approve of our unconventional methods, but that’s to be expected when you try something new and different. Most people that come on our tours are really excited and surprised by how much fun they have, and that’s a great feeling.

Q: How do you see, or hope, for Museum Hack to expand in the future?

At this point, the company’s just about a year old and still growing within the New York area. We’ve worked with other museums to hack their collections, and are always excited about the next opportunity. We’re keen on the idea of running workshops for museum staff all over the world to get our unconventional methods into the mainstream. And of course, it’d be fun to hack museums internationally! Do you know anyone who’s interested?

Q: How do you see your involvement with TEM?

We’re thrilled to be included in this year’s meeting, and we’re excited to share our ideas with the delegates and the TEM community. I hope that people who attend my talk leave feeling excited about the possibilities within their own exhibitions and institutions. Our goals and methods are transferable, and we want to get people talking about how the museum community on a whole can captivate disengaged and new audiences. 

Article by TEM Magazine

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