6 TEDx Talks on the Power of Storytelling

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Imagine going a whole day without hearing a single story – is it even possible? Conversations, advertisements, TV shows, articles, novels, our daily lives are all saturated with stories.That’s why being a memorable storyteller is such a difficult task and why people and brands who are great storytellers are revered. But what makes a good story? What is the secret to holding your audience’s attention and driving your point across with passion? We’ve collected six of our favorite TEDx Talks on the power of storytelling to shed some light on the mystery of using stories in business.

Not all of these awesome speakers focus specifically on business, but they all touch on the power of a great story. Hopefully, they help inspire your brand, company, museum, what have you, to tell better and more effective stories. You’ll find the links to the following TEDx Talks after the slides.


“Why storytelling matters” – Garr Reynolds, TEDxKyoto

Garr Reynolds is a communications expert and discusses his top 10 ways to make better presentations, a lesson which he has learned from hanging out with storytellers.

Watch the full talk here.

“Making data mean more through storytelling” Ben Wellington, TEDxBroadway

Ben Wellington uses data to tell stories. He discusses how he uses lessons learned from doing improv comedy to help his data tell fascinating stories.

Watch the full talk here.

“3 pearls of entrepreneurial storytelling” Michael Margolis, TEDxMillRiver

Michael Margolis talks about how the stories that we tell shape our world and the three essential stories every entrepreneur needs to know.

Watch the full talk here.

“Hardwired for story” Sarah-Jane “SJ” Murray, TEDxSanAntonio

SJ Murray shares how stories that tap into all five of our senses and our memories and emotions, stay with us. She also touches on why storytelling matters for our future.

Watch the full talk here.

“What Great Storytellers Know” Matt Chan, TEDxSeattle

Matt Chan, the creator of the reality show Hoarders, discusses how Capturing your audience and engaging them on a deeper level is a critical first move in storytelling.

Watch the full talk here.

“The Dance of Storytelling” Ish Ait Hamou, TEDxUBIWiltz

Ish Ait Hamou, a dancer, writer and director of stories, focuses on how stories make a difference and how they help break through walls to incite change.  

Watch the full talk here.


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