TED Love: How the Rijksmuseum is Reinventing the Museum

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We love TED Talks.  The ideas and passions that shine through them inspire us.  So many of these talks are relevant to our everyday lives – including the work that we do with museums.

We recently came across Wim Pijbes’s TEDxJohannesburg talk on how seeing Rembrandt van Rijn’s Nightwatch at the Rijksmuseum inspired him to pursue a career in museums.   Now, Director of the museum that inspired him, Wim has implemented revolutionary changes in how museums engage audiences using digital technologies.

Night Watch by Rembrandt, on display at the Rijksmuseum.
Night Watch by Rembrandt, on display at the Rijksmuseum.

As passionate museum lovers, Wim’s talk resonated with us.  Our tours specialize in engaging visitors with individual pieces by making emotional, and truly human, connections between the museum, objects, and visitor’s own lives  We know objects are powerful doorways to creating a lifelong passion and interest in museums and art.  As Wim states in his talk,

“Immediately, that moment, I remember very strong…I don’t remember exactly what painting it was though I remember that this person on the painting, this seventeenth century person, looked at me.  And it opened up my world and it showed that art really can change the way you look at the world.”

Wim goes on to discuss how the Rijksmuseum uses art and technology, including some awesome tracks, to engage audiences in a way similar to that which inspired him as a young boy.  By reimagining the “old masters,” Rijksmuseum is showcasing how open access policies, technology, and contemporary art can reframe the old as something new and exciting while encouraging deeper audience engagement.

Watch the entire talk in the video below:


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