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Team Building Resources November 25, 2019 Introducing: Team Building Activities at Your Office

Team building activities should be fun. It’s a simple principle, but it’s one that we swear by here at Museum Hack. A focus on “fun” is also one of the top reasons why we’re so excited about our new team building offerings. There are several elements that make up an amazing team building experience, but one of the most important factors is an emphasis on the company we’re working with. We want to help companies discover what works best for them and their employees. Team building isn’t always one size fits all.

One of the best ways to guarantee a team building event is a flop is to always do the exact same thing over again, even as you work with different companies with individual needs. What turns out to be an incredible day of bonding for one company may end up a total disaster for another. Taking company values and team building goals into account when planning helps move the event from so-so to out of this world. That’s why we can’t wait to introduce our new Team Building Melee, which we first took to one of our favorite New York City companies earlier this month.

Museum Hack Founder & CEO Nick Gray introduces the afternoon activities.
Museum Hack Founder & CEO Nick Gray introduces the afternoon activities.

Most of our team building events take place in museums across New York City, Washington D.C., and San Francisco. This time, we took our team building on the road to visit Justworks, a New York company that provides payroll and benefits solutions for growing and established businesses. Justworks wanted an afternoon of fun, engaging team building activities at their company headquarters for 100 employees.

On Site Company Team Building Events

The Museum Hack squad was happy to deliver. We traveled to Justworks’ NYC location to present a variety show of team building activities designed to energize and inspire their employees at the company’s all-hands meeting. Justworks’ CEO was interested in an event that would liven up the routine meeting and bring new energy to the building.

We put together an extensive menu for the hour-long melee full of several small but intense activities and challenges that would get team members working together, thinking critically, creatively solving problems, embracing their competitive spirit, and just generally having a great time.

Justworks' team members enjoying the melee.
Justworks’ team members enjoying the melee.

The event kicked off with an energetic, pump-up-the-crowd talk from Museum Hack’s founder and CEO, Nick Gray, who set the tone for the afternoon with his enthusiasm. From there, we introduced Haleh, a musician who regularly sings on our museum tours, who performed spoken word poetry mixed with song. The poem’s content directly related to a metaphor that Justworks’ CEO had emphasized in his talk with his employees earlier in the day.

We also included a theater activity called Viewpoints, where everyone in the office had to consider their body movements and motions. In this exercise, there are nine words that represent ways to think differently about how one moves through a space. Each person paid careful attention to how fast or how slow they moved, how close or how far apart they were from others, and how their bodies were shaped (big, small, weird, graceful). The Viewpoints exercise directly helps improve improv skills. By changing a viewpoint, you change the way you work in an improv, leading to faster, better, and more creative thinking-on-your-feet skills.

Justworks' team members explore viewpoints through body movements.
Justworks’ team members explore viewpoints through body movements.

As the afternoon progressed, we moved into several high-energy activities, including the Marshmallow Game, where the large group is broken down into small teams who have just a few minutes to build a sturdy skyscraper out of spaghetti noodles and marshmallows.

A challenge involving spaghetti and mashmallows.
The famous spaghetti and marshmallow skyscraper challenge.

The marshmallow game.

Finally, we ended the event with our all-time favorite crowd pleaser, Champion of the World, which is a giant, glorified game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The game is designed to really charge the group’s energy and find your office’s Rock, Paper, Scissors champion.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 1.52.30 PM

All of these games and activities were designed specifically with team building and engagement in mind. We have two requirements for our activities: they have to encourage improved team bonding or performance and they have to actually be fun. And with a professional photographer on site to help capture the magic of team building in the moment, it was an afternoon that left lasting impressions on Justworks’ employees.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 1.52.47 PM

“Museum Hack was able to make something awesome.”

After the day’s activities were over, we had a chance to sit down with Isaac Oates, CEO of Justworks, to get his take on the team building melee:

“This was great. We just celebrated an awesome quarter, and I wanted something to go with our all-hands meeting that would be fun. Museum Hack was able to make something awesome in a 40-minute time block that had people moving and interacting in ways we NEVER have before.”

Champion of the World.

Nick Gray was equally thrilled with how the inaugural Team Building Melee unfolded:

“I saw people laughing, running around, high-fiving, all at 11am on a rainy Thursday morning. I think at one point it was even so intense, so much fun, and there was so much cheering, they said it was the LOUDEST and most excited people had EVER been here.”

Team building outside the museum was a huge success for Justworks! We loved bringing our activities to a new space where the activities could shine. We could just go crazy with the company and have a great time doing it.

The intense battle in Champion of the World.
The intense battle in Champion of the World.

Museum Hack is experimenting with new team building activities to bring art and team building to offices in New York City, Washington D.C., and San Francisco. Are you interested in team building from the comfort of your own office? We’re looking for test sites! All we need are 30-60 minutes and a group of at least 20 people who want to get in on the fun. Send us an email for more information – just mention that you’re writing in about our Melee!

written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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