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Planning team building activities can be tricky. Many of the options are not interesting, too expensive, or just don’t seem like a good fit for a diverse team. E.g., “paint ball” is a blast, but getting pinged with paint isn’t fun for everybody. Workshops are an option, but are often pretty dry — instead of being a break from work they just feel like more work.

At Museum Hack we specialize in private museum tours. They are fun and active activities for all ages. We do yoga, but just for a minute or two. We play games like scavenger hunts that focus on team goals. We take fun photos that your employees will love. And we tell the untold stories of the museum (the stories the museum employees would get fired for telling you), because it’s the uncommon, secret stuff that sticks.

And when your team does all of these fun activities together, magic happens. You see ideas co-mingle, you see communication increase, and you see teams re-energized to conquer their work at the office. It’s AWESOME!

Recently, the team from AD:60 came on an adventure with us at the Metropolitan Museum of Art here in NYC. We caught up with them a few days after their tour, and they gave us this glowing testimonial.

Oh my goodness, we had such an awesome time! Everyone in the office had a fantastic experience. It was better than expected, and so much fun. All the tour guides for our team were amazing, incredible, and an absolute joy to be around. We honestly really enjoyed every minute of it, and we left the museum with a different perspective – in a good way. I would definitely recommend museum hack to everyone I know, and would not hesitate to do the tour again in the future.
-Jessica I., Operations Manager for AD:60

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