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When you think of a hardworking, cohesive, mission-driven team, it’s hard to find a better example than the U.S Military. The Airforce, Army and Navy have rigorous training standards to make sure their people are optimized for effective team work. Perhaps there is something the corporate world could learn from this training…

In many ways corporations and other organizations already take inspiration from the military world. If you’ve been to a corporate training “boot camp”, you are using WW2 slang created by the U.S Marines. Sometimes when you are really knuckling down on work you may call it “in the trenches”, and even the word company comes from the military unit.

Museum Hack’s approach to training and team building may be a little more focussed on FUN, but we are excited to announce a little bit of overlap: we now offer tours of the historical aircraft carrier the U.S.S Hornet. You can bring your team on an offsite, fun event that shares the fascinating stories of this incredible ship.

We make team work activities part of the tour
Sit-ups are optional, but the winner may get a prize…
Fun photo opportunities for you and your team

Tours are available Monday to Sunday, 10am to 5pm and follow the proven Museum Hack format — i.e., you are going to hear stories, play games and do activities that maximize team building potential. There will also be plenty of opportunity for great photos of your employees and teammates. 

“Few people realize that the USS Hornet has a history that dates back to George Washington and the Continental Navy. It’s a very special museum because of its ability to transport you to a fascinating world behind this floating island; our tour hacks the mind-blowing secrets behind her walls and the science behind her accomplishments.” – Kathryn Nickles | USS Hornet Tour Guide

If you would like to chat about booking a group tour of the U.S.S Hornet call us at 1-800-210-9676 or email [email protected]

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