A Custom Day Of Team Building To Bring Harmony To An Unhappy Team

Corporate May 13, 2019 A Custom Day Of Team Building To Bring Harmony To An Unhappy Team

What do you do when you’ve got a team that has to work together but doesn’t like each other?

A large life insurance company based in upstate New York was having some trouble with one of their departments earlier this summer. The team of about 20 employees just wasn’t getting along; most of the staff members didn’t like one another and that was wreaking havoc on the office. Energy and morale were down, and it made going to work more of a chore for most of the team than the department’s managers wanted it to be.

So they gave us a call!

We were excited to put our methods of team building and bonding to one of their toughest tests yet as we went to work with this group. To combat the office unhappiness, we put together a full day’s agenda for the team designed to hit on their specific goals, beginning with our Storytelling Workshop and ending with a fun tour and Happy Hour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Using Stories To Boost Communication And Camaraderie  

Stories are the heart of what we do at Museum Hack, and we love teaching companies how to adapt our methods to work best for their needs. The morning began with our Storytelling Workshop at a wonderful Italian restaurant in the city.

We’ve taken our three-month training program for our tour guides and condensed it into a 90-minute professional development workshop. The workshop teaches the key elements that drive Museum Hack: high-level passion and engagement techniques, how to structure stories to make them their most compelling, and why incorporating playful activities is key to better communication and office harmony.

About a week before the event, our guides jumped on a call with the company’s contact for the day. We talked about their specific goals and motivations for team building and learned the company wanted to incorporate three particular values into the activities: new thinking, empowering each other to speak up, and being more flexible.

With that in mind, we took the basic framework of our Storytelling Workshop and adapted it to ensure it incorporated all three goals. We taught methods of storytelling that encouraged team members to think differently and embrace flexibility as they learned our battle-tested principles for hooking a disengaged audience.

Perhaps the most important factor of the workshop was the way it encourages every team member to participate. Unhappy employees couldn’t sit out as they worked together to achieve the goals of our workshop – and they were all rewarded for speaking up and getting involved.

A Custom Team Building Tour To Achieve Specific Goals

After a fabulous lunch break, the group reconvened with our tour guides for an afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We created a completely custom tour of the museum to hit on the company’s values for the afternoon, including the ones we’d worked into our Storytelling Workshop earlier in the day.

Over the course of their two-hour tour at the museum, our guides put the storytelling methods we’d taught in the morning to work. We told the best stories the museum has to offer and played custom games and photo challenges all designed to promote the company’s goals for the day, while still being fun and engaging. Each activity was selected to meet a specific need while promoting camaraderie, teamwork, and better communication. Before the tour ended with refreshments, the team enjoyed the performance of a special guest artist and took fun Polaroids to go home with.

“Just what our team needed!”

The day at the Met ended with a fun happy hour for the team, where we provided glasses of wine and encouraged team members to socialize and get to know one another in a relaxed setting.

The team had a fantastic time spending their Tuesday with us in New York City! Afterward, we spoke with the event organizer, who enjoyed the experience.

“It was fabulous! Kate & Kate were great; and I overheard people saying the storytelling workshop was just what our team needed, and the museum was amazing. Thank you, thank you.”

written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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