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Recognizing team performance is important. And doing it in a way that is constructive for your business is just as important. One of the best ways to achieve both is to have regular team bonding activities. There is a wide range of activities you can plan, but generally the best activities include your group doing fun games, exercises, and workshops together.

At Museum Hack we prioritize FUN. We do fun tours of famous museums that show a different side of the artifacts. Traditional tours are quiet, “day at the library” events full of easy to forget details like the year something was painted or how much it cost. At, Museum Hack we do group activities that keep your team energized. These fun activities include yoga breaks, chants, scavenger hunts, and more. The goal is to help your group bond in new ways during their offsite event, so that when they get back to the office they are actually more productive.

We work with all types of groups: adults, students, “girls night out,” families, and more. Here is a recent example: Educating educators! Or at least entertaining them.

Recently, a group of teachers from the NYC Department of Education came to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with us. 

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Thanks! We had a really great time. Our guides were wonderful. They had a great sense of humor and shared so many interesting facts. I just might try to bring a different set of teachers for another team building event at the Met!
-Wendy D., from PS 354 Queens, NYC Department of Education

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