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Museum Hack is a team building company. We specialize in presenting customized events, fun activities, and workshops that help companies foster a positive organizational culture.  

We know that today’s economy calls for doers and thinkers — employees who are actively encouraged to participate and improve their company’s products and services.  Our corporate events and tours foster team bonding, problem solving and critical thinking skills, and a company culture that helps retain top talent and reduce burnout. All while having memorable museum adventures!

Recently, a major life insurance company requested a customized team building event at the Sidney Mishkin Gallery in New York City.  This gallery features over 300 artworks from the 20th century as well as specially themed shows.  The exhibition on display, “Portraits: A Global View, Photographs and Prints,” provided unique storytelling opportunities related to real-life events —  including some that an insurance company might handle!  It also provided a new way to engage critically, by looking at the human stories behind major events.

corporate tour new point of view
Our team building adventures help employees embrace new points of view.

We hosted their group during a customized evening event in the gallery to engage in fun team bonding activities.  We also played customized photo and storytelling challenges to get their team engaged and inspired.  Ideas were sparked, the team bonded, and everyone had a super time!

Afterwards, they left us this great review:

“The event was great, I was pleasantly surprised at how much they were able to share about the photos. The guides took a small gallery and made it very interactive and fun for our leaders.”

We love hosting companies for team building events. To learn more what we can do for your company, check out this page or email us to [email protected].

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