Case Study: Team Building with Local and Remote Teams in San Francisco

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Team Building Resources June 26, 2020 Case Study: Team Building with Local and Remote Teams in San Francisco

Finding a great team building activity can be tough when your entire group is local, but the pressure is really on when you’re trying to plan an amazing afternoon to introduce and connect your local team with another group traveling in for the experience from overseas.

That’s why Stripe, an Irish Internet-based payment processing company, reached out to us about our company team building offerings in San Francisco. A team from their offices in Ireland was heading to the Bay Area for a week-long planning session with their U.S. cohorts, and Stripe wanted to mix a little fun in with their business.

Stripe felt very passionately about including team building on the business trip as there’s a lot of cross-functional work between the Ireland and San Francisco teams. The company wanted to improve communication among the groups. Plus, a team building museum tour would be a fun, relaxing way for the colleagues to get to know each other better and put faces and personalities to the names they talk to all day, but don’t know very well socially.

Stripe team's enjoys a moment on their museum tour.
Stripe team’s enjoys a moment on their museum tour.

Company Team Building Tour at the de Young Fine Arts Museum

We went to work planning an incredible evening of team building for Stripe’s team at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. Not only did we treat this group to our un-highlights tour, revealing all of the best, hidden, and sometimes scandalous secrets and crazy objects in the museum, but we ran several customized team building activities designed to optimize our time with the group for maximum bonding.

After playing a few quick and energizing team building games, we sat down to teach our storytelling workshop to the Stripe team. We explained how good stories can actually impact brain chemistry and hormones, and why that’s proven to improve the customer experience. The workshop went a step further, showing Stripe how they could apply our storytelling principles to their own business needs. The group learned our Five Elements of a Hack before we split the team into smaller groups so they could explore the museum and choose their own piece to hack. Those stories were then presented to the entire team.

Stripe's team reveals their hacked pieces.
Stripe’s team reveals their hacked pieces.

“It’s definitely the most fun I’ve ever had on a museum tour!”

Stripe really embraced the storytelling workshop, and their teams impressed the guides and each other with the incredible stories they came up with for their hacks. Stripe nailed the engagement element of the evening and had a great time talking about the different ways they could use stories in their professional and personal lives. One person was super excited about taking the information and applying it to their vendor relationships – they were confident it would help make better, lasting connections.

The results of our fun photo challenge!
The results of our fun photo challenge!

Overall, Stripe had a great time at the de Young museum team building and bonding with their local and international teams!

“Just wanted to say thanks for a great tour. Everyone really enjoyed the offsite. It’s definitely the most fun I’ve ever had on a museum tour!” – Katina from Stripe

written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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