A Day Of Team Building In San Francisco With Facebook

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Team Building Resources November 18, 2019 A Day Of Team Building In San Francisco With Facebook

We love it when companies come back to us for fun team building activities with new teams and Facebook is one of our favorite companies that we’ve had the pleasure of working with several times (and on both coasts!) over the years. Last month, we were honored to host Facebook twice in San Francisco for two separate team building events.

Museum Hack prepares for a day of team building with Facebook.

In early March, we took a smaller team of about ten Facebook employees on a VIP Tour and Scavenger Hunt team building experience at the de Young Museum in SF. A few weeks later, we hosted a larger group of approximately 40 on a three-hour adventure of the de Young, complete with outdoor team building activities and lunch in Golden Gate Park.

Both events were customized to optimize the team building experience for Facebook employees. We took the social media company’s smaller group on a two-hour tour at the de Young, complete with crazy, unconventional stories about the artwork, games and challenges designed to promote team bonding, and a scavenger hunt that lets employees put their creative problem-solving skills to the test. All of our museum activities are fun -i.e., even though your team is learning together, it doesn’t feel like work as they sharpen their collaboration and communication techniques.

All of Facebook’s team members left the museum with tons of new memories and armed with new tools to help them once back in the office.

“It was awesome. I would definitely recommend everyone does this!” – Mercedes from Facebook

written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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