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We love to partner with companies who are on a similar mission to ours, so we were pumped to plan an afternoon of team building for New York-based non-profit, Girls Who Code!

The Partner Engagement team poses in the Metropolitan Museum of Art after the Museum Hack team building tour.
The Partner Engagement team poses in the Metropolitan Museum of Art after the Museum Hack team building tour.

Earlier this year, we put together a team building tour for a group of women from the company. Their organization is focused on decreasing the gender gap in technology. According to their website, the number of women in the field of computer science has actually decreased significantly since 1984, and recently, the company has found that interest in technology and computing wanes for girls between the ages of 13 and 17. Interest peaks in elementary school, but by college, there are virtually no young women studying computer science.

As a company, Girls Who Code is working to lower the barriers of entry into the field of computing for women with the goal of increasing the numbers of young women interested in pursuing computer science. Their hope is to encourage young women to become agents of change within their society. When their partner engagement team approached us to talk about a team building tour, we were excited from the start since our mission is to drum up more passion for museums!

We took the team from Girls Who Code on a whirlwind tour and team building experience through the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We played our favorite games, like “Matchmaker, Matchmaker” and revealed the surprising stories about the art. We even talked about the strategies we use to help boost enthusiasm about museums to an otherwise disinterested audience.

We love Girls Who Code and are inspired by the success of their mission! We had a great time showing them the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

written with 💖 by Cody Nailor

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