How We Changed The Team Building Game For One Data Management Company

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Corporate November 16, 2016 Featured Image

No one knows the importance of teamwork like GameChanger, the minds behind a scorekeeping and data management software platform for amateur sports teams.

When the GameChanger team reached out to us about creating a custom team building experience in NYC, we worked closely with them to develop a unique event that aligned with their company’s goals and needs.

A team gets ready for an awesome afternoon at the Met.

We played host to their team at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York two weeks ago for a tailored, high-energy museum tour. They spent the afternoon with our renegade tour guide, Kevin, participating in goal-oriented team building activities, fun photo challenges, and a scavenger hunt; the winners were even awarded a prize at the end! We put the GameChanger team’s skills to the test, and when it was all said and done, everyone had a great time working together toward common goals.

“Our design team had a fantastic event with Museum Hack at the Met this past Friday! Everyone came back to the office with very positive reviews and said it was a lot of fun and well organized! We will absolutely be in touch with you guys for future Museum Hack events for our other teams!”

written with 💖 by Carly Syms

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