Team Building Exercises for Tough Times

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We were inspired after reading the article “Team Building Exercises for Tough Times” published by the Harvard Business Review. We have a short attention span and it’s hard to read big blocks of text. So we sexified and summarized the article for you!

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Team Building Exercises for Tough Times Summarized by Museum hack

irrelevant or embarrassing team building exercise. improve morale, foster cohesiveness, increase motivation, focus a team on a problem team building can help sort out unproductive conflicts within teams. the best ones also give employees insight about their organization. When companies are monitoring expenses so carefully, can they really justify paying for team building exercises? It's in times like these that team-building activities are most needed. In turbulent periods, employees may be feaerful about the future of the company, and may worry that they may be the next to be laid off. Managers need to be honest, acknowledge the stress employees are feeling, and validate their concerns. Team building becomes a means of regrouping staff. When a team is learning to operate in a new environment, group activities designed to foster collaborative problem solving can be especially productive. Have your team engage in purely fun activities. Account for different styles and personalities. Choose a facilitator who will tailor the program to you. part of any restructuring effort must focus on innovation. if you want to jump start innovation, team building exercises can contribute to long-term success. original article written by Pat Olson, Journalist for the Harvard Business Review.

Download the pdf version of this post here.

The original article  “Team-Building Exercises for Tough Times” was written by Pat Olsen, and published by the Harvard Business Review

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