Team Building in DC: “A Great Offsite Experience”

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Washington, DC is home to so much fabulous history, culture, and art that it can be overwhelming to pick the perfect activity for team building in DC. Our team building tours in DC celebrate the best the area has to offer.

A group poses on a DC tour.
A group poses on a DC tour.

Earlier this year, we took a team from SocialCode, an ad technology service, on a team building experience at the National Gallery of Art. We treated the group to our fun, unconventional museum tour customized specifically to their company’s values, interests, and immediate team building needs. Our guides put together a museum experience that combined the incredible backstories of the museum’s art and our best repertoire of games and activities designed to promote team bonding and skill development, all without feeling like work. 

Before the group headed home for the evening, we ran our custom adventure scavenger hunt that has teams racing though the museum’s galleries to uncover clues and win an awesome prize. The entire team left the museum with cool Polaroids with the art.

SocialCode’s team had a fantastic time team building in DC with us!

“So great, Hannah was fantastic!!! Thanks so much for the quick corralling. Made for a great offsite experience.”

written with 💖 by Carly Syms

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