Tasia Duske Promoted To Chief Of Staff

Carly Syms

VIP + Marketing Manager

We are so excited to announce the promotion of Tasia Duske to Chief of Staff at Museum Hack!

Tasia joined Museum Hack in March 2016 as our Staff Manager. She quickly jumped into the company’s culture, taking on many leadership initiatives, including helping launch our newest Museum Hack location in Chicago, and project managing a conference hack for over 500 conference attendees.  In her new role, Tasia will work very closely with Nick Gray, CEO and Founder, and other department managers to support strategic initiatives and staffing leadership.


“Tasia joined Museum Hack at an interesting time in our company’s growth. We had part-time and full-time staff in NYC and a rapidly growing team of guides and remote contractors around the world. I want Museum Hack to be the most awesome place anyone could ever work. That takes a lot of communication and support, which I wasn’t able to provide. With the growing team I could no longer do 1-on-1s each week. Tasia quickly whipped us into shape, supporting the team with fun training programs, 1 on 1s, and other initiatives. For the past eight months I’ve relied on Tasia to drive dozens of projects that improve our processes and finances. I’m proud to have Tasia as a colleague, and I’m excited to see her growth at Museum Hack. Congratulations on becoming our first, and best ever, Chief of Staff” – Nick Gray, Founder and CEO of Museum Hack

Tasia’s career began in the world of marriage and family therapy as she earned her masters in clinical psychology at Eastern Washington University (EWU). Whenever asked how she made the leap from family counseling to staff management Tasia jokingly replies “Have you or someone you’ve known ever had a ‘Work Wife?’ or “Work Husband?” I had the revelation these “work families” need the same types of TLC to be happy and healthy as home families. I get to grow teams while also embracing my competitive, business drive.” Tasia turned her attention to organizational development, positive psychology, and even helped open the first Leadership Education Department at EWU.

Soon after finishing her degree, Tasia took the leap into the corporate world in Las Vegas with Marriott Hotels where she was responsible for increasing associate engagement and client satisfaction scores. After nearly 2 years advancing properties in Vegas, Tasia accepted a promotion to manage one of the company’s NYC hotels.

It wasn’t long, however, until Tasia was introduced to Museum Hack and the rest is history!

I leaped at the opportunity to bring my corporate skills into a creative, startup world. The fast paced environment is exhilarating and I couldn’t be more proud to work with such a dedicated, results-driven team. Especially a team that values high standards- they made me earn my own street cred by completing a 3 object tour, just like any Museum Hack Renegade Tour Guide!”

Tasia is an avid yoga enthusiast and enjoys teaching fitness classes at gyms in New York City. She spent three summers in Haiti leading international volunteers working to create a children’s summer camp. We cannot wait to see what Tasia brings to the company next in her new position!

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