Announcing Museum Hack’s New CEO: Tasia Duske

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Stories January 20, 2019 Announcing Museum Hack’s New CEO: Tasia Duske

Museum Hack has grown from a handful of renegade tours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art into a thriving small business in less than five years.

United by our mission to bring new audiences to museum spaces, in 2017 we led more than 21,000 guests on public tours, 540 companies through team building experiences and workshops, and helped 73 cultural institutions and museums attract new audiences.

Such growth has been exciting for everyone involved. And, as Museum Hack’s reach has increased, so too has its staff, complexity, and speed. Our team has been working hard behind the scenes to scale the company for its next stage, while staying committed to our goal of creating amazing museum experiences.

Everyone here is pleased to announce that Tasia Duske, our now-former Chief of Staff, will lead Museum Hack as CEO.

Tasia in MAFA gear!

Understanding the need for development within a passion-based company, Nick Gray, our founder, said, “I’ve been working on this transition during the past year, and I’m happy to announce it publicly today. When I asked Tasia to take on this responsibility and challenge, she enthusiastically accepted with a ‘Hell yeah!’ She is a capable CEO that is poised to lead Museum Hack successfully.”

Much of Museum Hack’s growth and stability has already been part of Tasia’s purview. Prior to this announcement, Tasia has been directly involved with or managing many parts of our business, from our renegade museum tours to sales to behind the scenes operations. Tasia is passionate about museums and has worked closely with some of our largest clients, including a recent leadership workshop for the Kansas Humanities Council. She has also led Museum Hack staff training in new locations like the Getty Museum in Los Angeles and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Strategic changes in leadership are part of the startup lifecycle. During the past two years, Tasia has led Museum Hack’s evolution from a product- and marketing-focused startup into a complete company that is ready for its next stage of stability and growth.

“Our focus has always been to reimagine the adult museum experience. We’re committed to that mission and will continue to deliver that experience.”

Tasia co-leading a Renegade Tour!

“As CEO, I’m thrilled to lead an incredible team that is passionate about what is possible in museums,” says Tasia. “Our focus has always been to reimagine the adult museum experience. We’re committed to that mission and will continue to deliver that experience to our public guests, our corporate teams, and, most importantly, to the museums and cultural institutions that inspire us.”

Remembering her first experience with Museum Hack, Tasia said, “I stepped into the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City for the first time nearly two years ago to meet my Museum Hack tour guide for an Un-Highlights tour. For some guests, like me, this adventure was life-changing. Experiencing museums with Museum Hack has completely changed my perspective about art and the power of sharing its stories.”

Encouraging this change is the fact that Museum Hack ends its largest year ever in 2017. We’ve served more visitors, companies, and museums than ever before! (Read more about our 2017 Year in Review.) We are fully committed to the awesome power of museums and cultural institutions in 2018 and beyond.

Training at the Getty in Los Angeles!

Altering our structure allows us to do that more effectively.

We are thankful that Nick Gray will continue to be involved in Museum Hack. As the company’s founder and owner, Nick will continue to work with our team to think about how we reimagine experiences in new spaces, both non-profit and for-profit. In particular, Nick has become passionate about how cultural institutions can learn from each other and share best practices more easily.

“Every time I look at Museum Hack’s development, I become more proud. Turning my passion for renegade museum tours into a booming business with incredible cultural institution partners, Fortune 100 clients, and world-class employees has been the experience of a lifetime,” said Nick.

“Spending my time thinking about how to reimagine experiences is my passion. From events like fundraisers and conferences, I’ll be searching the world for best practices in audience engagement to bring back to Museum Hack which we can share with our museum and corporate clients.”

Overall, while this may feel like a big change, the day to day operations of our business won’t change dramatically. Tasia has been actively involved in many key decisions at Museum Hack in preparation for this transition. We’re the same company, with our amazing team, and our mission to reimagine the museum experience for adults.

Museum Hack welcomes Tasia as CEO. Please join us in starting off 2018 with a bang as we continue to reach more people with the life-changing message that museums are f***ing awesome!

Excited? So are we! We’d love to hear from our readers, our museum friends, our corporate teams, and others. Leave a comment below or email us at [email protected]

Leadership workshop with Nick, Tasia, Peter & Michael

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