Promoting Team Building and Work-Life Balance at the Met

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At the start of the month, we teamed up with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company to organize an event for a group made up of both employees and non-team members.

Some of their top sales reps, along with their friends and significant others, came together for a fun afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Takeda wanted to encourage the team to get to know each other outside of work and to promote the importance of a healthy work-life balance.

A team enjoys a tour of the Met.
A team enjoys a tour of the Met.

Besides experiencing our fast-paced two-hour tour of the Met (one of our favorite museums in the world), our guides led the group of thirteen through fun interactive activities and a 20-minute storytelling workshop to help them improve communication both at work and at home.

A stop for wine in the museum atrium was the perfect time to put these communication skills to work and had the group socializing and recharging for the second half of their tour.

Takeda Pharmaceutical and their family and friends had a fantastic time discovering the Met with us!

“I cannot tell you enough how much we enjoyed yesterday! It was such an amazing experience, a huge shout out to our fabulous tour guides. I have done a ton of team events over the years, and this truly stands out as one of the very best!”

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