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The Bay Area has some of the most curious minds in the country, so team building needs to be on that same level. Museum Hack tours get people to stretch the creative side of their brain and explore a new institution in a fun and unpretentious way.

Shake off the work cobwebs, get people to decompress together, and have a unique, one of a kind, experience! Take your team to the de Young with Museum Hack.

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San Francisco’s Attic

Michael de Young, the namesake of the museum, was very famous for collecting things. Not the normal stuff though. Stuffed birds were his focus early in his career. He amassed a giant collection of them, but then he became excited about Chinese blue porcelain and sadly, there was no room for the new stuff, so he had to sell the birds. He only got $4 for the entire collection and that made him so sad that he decided he needed to make a museum.
Because of his eclectic collecting style (other favorites included desks, keys, spoons, and clocks of the Napoleonic period.) The de Young was initially referred to as “San Francisco’s Attic.” Currently, the de Young showcases a massive collection (4800 pieces!) of American art from the 17th century to today, as well as international contemporary art, textiles, and costumes, from South America, the Pacific and Africa.
Museum Hack’s tours are a different kind of adventure. We love sharing some of the craziest gossip and unique stories you have never heard before in a museum. Our visitors enjoy stories that pique their interest, but most of all, engage them and inspire them to see the museum in a completely new way. 
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Customized Corporate Museum Tours

Each company tour is unique and customized based on your needs. Just want something fun for your group? We can do that. Heavy on the team building activities or training? No problem! We will make it happen.

Most of our tours will visit Africa, Pacific Islander, American Art, Art of the Americas, Innuit and either Contemporary or Modern. We’ll connect you with your guide beforehand to touch base about the tour to make sure it hits your company goals and team’s needs. We want each tour to be customized to each company to make sure it meshes with your needs and wants. 

We can also customize the size and time of the tour and we can host anywhere between two to two hundred people. No matter what the size, we always maintain the VIP feeling for each of our guests. Our tours normally last two hours, but if you have more or less time, we can work make it work.

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Have you been to the roof to look out at Golden Gate Park? Or seen the tiny room with the Central American antiquities used to feed your chocolate addiction?

Our world-class renegade SF tour guides know their museums incredibly well — join us for the real behind-the-scenes stories about the Museum!

“There was so much excitement involved!”

Here is a quote from the video:

“It went better then I ever thought it would! I took a chance as I didn’t really know what to expect in bringing so many people over from all over the world, each person seemed to really enjoy it, there was so much excitement involved. It was very hands off on my part, and I really appreciated that, so thank you. 
-Michan, Event Organizer for Facebook

Here are some great photos from Facebook’s Team Building Tour:

Facebook Team Building with Museum Hack in San Francisco Team Photo

High Fives Facebook Style

Facebook Team Building with Museum Hack in San Francisco Group Hug


See more photos from Facebook’s Team Building tour here: “Facebook Comes on A Team Building tour at the De Young in San Francisco: Photos


“It was awesome!”

Here is a quote from the video:

“It was awesome, we had a great time. The team got to be somewhere different, doing something new, and hanging out with each other. It was awesome, I think the team had a great time, so thank you so much!”
-Fera, Corporate Team Building Tour Guest 

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