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Museum Pinterest Pros: 7 Institutions That May Pinspire You

Pinterest isn’t just for wedding planning or finding great new DIY crafts. Although it may seem like there’s not much for museums on the platform, a closer look shows that some institutions (both big and small) are creatively curating on the site to reach Pinterest’s more than 150 million active monthly users. We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting Pinterest boards from museums of all sizes to help inspire you.

Pinterest is an extremely popular social media site with a ton of potential for museums.
Pinterest is an extremely popular social media site with a ton of potential for museums.

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How A Targeted Facebook Ad Campaign Led To 6X The Facebook Page Likes For The Illinois State Museum

Many museums already face a bit of an uphill climb when it comes to attracting and engaging new audiences. When state budget constraints closed the Illinois State Museum for nine months, museum officials knew they needed some fresh new ideas to regenerate interest in the museum once its doors were reopened.

The museum is home to collections and exhibits that focus on the natural, cultural, and artistic history of the state. Prior to the shutdown, the museum had run a string of successful special event Saturdays. After reopening, staff was eager to revive the series that had been a long-time staple of their community in Springfield, Illinois.

via backyardbirdingblog.com
A bird soars through the air.

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How to Use Instagram to Engage Audiences

While museums attempt to connect people to the past, we don’t want to lose sight of the present and future. While a big part of the museum experience traditionally requires visitors being physically present to see exhibits and collections, audience engagement is no longer dependent on actually being in the museum. Social media gives organizations the freedom to extend the museum experience to a digital space and break down the physical walls, offering the opportunity to create their own communities of museum-lovers. 

Instagram is one of our favorite choices to help bring the museum experience to life outside the museum. Museums typically rely on visual storytelling to present their collections to visitors and Instagram mimics this same ability to communicate visually with followers.  With over 300 million daily active users, Instagram is a key outlet for reaching out to existing and potential audiences. Even better? 18-29 year olds make up the largest demographic of internet users who also use Instagram, which makes it a great option if you’re trying to draw in younger visitors.

Looking for some digital inspiration for your own museum? There are tons of examples of museums who are using Instagram to engage audiences. Let’s take a look at four Instagram accounts from museums around the world who are doing it right when it comes to engaging audiences online.

Harn staff taking pictures with a cutour of Instagram frame.
Harn Museum of Art staff experimenting with using Instagram to engage audiences.

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Love Museums? 3 Facebook Marketing Tips For The Museum Professional

As a museum professional, you know reaching new museum audiences can be a marketing challenge.  But before you even get to connecting with them, you need to understand the platforms and tools at your disposal — social media and Facebook marketing can be challenging to work with.  Museum Hack has been involved in museum marketing since we started in 2013 and we know there are a few key things can help you clear an effective path and grow your museum audience.  


The growth of Facebook over the past few years has been phenomenal and it continues to grow every day.  According to Facebook, there are over 1.71 billion monthly active users and 1.13 billion of these are daily active users of the social network.  This means around 66% of Facebook users visit Facebook daily.  Museum Hack knows that effective targeting and ad delivery can help engage these users and increase your results online and in your museum.

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Win Free Social Media Marketing for Your Museum’s Next Event!

Curious how to leverage social media to attract new audiences?  Have a fun event later this year that you want to sell out?

We’re giving away a fully paid social media marketing campaign!  

You’ll work with our experts in millennial marketing to promote one of your museum’s upcoming events and bring in the coveted millennial audience.  We’ll design and run a hyper-targeted social media campaign to attract young professionals and begin creating new audience relationships with your institution.

Want to know more? Read on to find out how our Audience Development Agency will help sell out your next event.

Millennials engaging on social media

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The Art of the Pin: A Look at 3 Museums’ Pinterest Accounts

Social media is one of the most powerful tools museums can use to connect with and inspire their audiences outside of the institution’s walls. While Twitter and Facebook are often the go-to for many cultural institutions, the visual aspects and nature of Pinterest perfectly align with the curation of museum collections.

We know what you’re thinking – but Pinterest isn’t just for DIYers and foodies. Think of it as the dark horse of social media with endless opportunities for exhibit promotion and creative marketing. Pinterest boards are essentially collections, are they not? The best way to show you how effective Pinterest can be as a marketing tool is for us to dig deep into the Pinterest accounts of some of the biggest museums out there.

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Snapchat Filters for Museums: Our Paid Results at AAM 2016

While preparing for the American Alliance of Museums 2016 Annual Meeting, we quickly noticed that something was missing – a fun way to post on Snapchat! So we bought two custom Snapchat filters as a marketing experiment.

  Museum Hack branded Snapchat filter for AAM 2016 Annual Meeting   Snapchat filter for AAM 2016 Party

 Our Snapchat filters for AAM 2016. On left, “AAM” and on right, “Party.”

Our Results




Filter 1: AAM

Filter 2: Party



$66.33 USD

$39.95 USD

$26.38 USD

Filter uses





Filter views





Not necessarily an inspiring return on investment, but an exciting experiment in new media marketing. Here’s how we did it.

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See Museums from a whole new angle…with Instameets

Instameets are an awesome way to get new audiences into your museum.  These exclusive meetups bring Instagrammers together to connect, explore, and celebrate their creativity and the communities in which they live. 

We’ve seen many types of Instameets in museums, including the immensely popular #empty museums movement.  The resulting pictures from Instagram have been incredible — showing off museum collections and spaces in entirely new lights.  They also prove that museums aren’t just spaces for preserving, but also spaces for creating

Check out some of our recent favorites from museum Instameets below. What do these points of view say about our museum spaces and their impact on our audiences?

Photo of statue and entry through a glass orb
Instameet at @pbalille on February 23, 2016. Photo by @bigbenhouse

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Our Favorite Art History Snapchats

One of our favorite museum activities challenges our guests to caption paintings.  Caption contests engage visitors with your collections, help them seek out personally relevant objects and stories, and get them imagining and even empathizing with the individuals portrayed in your museum.

Many visitors already do their own captions, and the Internet is filled with their awesome Art History Snapchats.  We’ve rounded up our favorite snapchats from @arthistorysnap on Instagram.  Check them out to get inspired — and go caption some paintings!

Snapchats: When u spend money on stupid shit

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Case Study: How to Bring 900,000+ Instagram Followers Into Your Gallery

One viral hit can be a king-maker: for an individual, a company, a charity, a museum – but you see all of these people on their phones, scrolling through Facebook, checking Instagram, sending tweets, and you can’t help but wonder why they’re not sharing your thing.

There is a solution — when you learn how to harness the power of influencers, you can get 10x or even 10,000x your normal visibility on social media.Today’s case study is about how to work with influencers to promote your content and reach new audiences.

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