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10 More Museum Grants to Pump Up Your Programming

We’ve rounded up a list of museum grants before, but there are so many options when it comes to finding funding. Many of the museums we work with use grants for our collaboration. Museums also use grants to update their programming or participate in professional development.

Here’s a list of ten grants that may help your museum.

These grants could help your museum bring in outside consultants, like us!

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Museums can have a bad rap of being stuffy and traditional, but we enjoy a good (or bad to be honest) joke every once in awhile! Museum professionals also deal with some interesting job-specific issues which can often create a new brand of humor. Here are some of our favorites!

When ARCS, the Association of Registrars and Collections Specialists gives you, the member, your own accession number. Touché ARCS, touché.

When the Smithsonian responds to sass, with more sass.

When you just feel like seeing if visitors are even paying attention.

When the signage becomes quite literal.

When you start to appreciate the beauty in the mundane.

When museum texts meet Better Book Titles.

And there’s always room for a strong pun-game:

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A Recap of AAM 2017, from an #AAMSMJ

At this year’s annual conference, the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) awarded fellowships to social media journalists to follow and report from the floor in St. Louis.

Our own Julia Kennedy from our Marketing + Audience Development teams worked with 10 other journalists to help spark and boost the conversation online. Here are some of Julia’s thoughts on being an AAM Social Media Journalist.

Julia with some of the Museum Hack team heading to the AAM Conference.

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Mistakes Were Made: 2017 Edition

Mistakes, we all make them! The popular session at the American Alliance of Museum’s conference returned this year to give museum pros a chance to sit on the metaphorical therapist chair and admit their biggest career mistakes.

One of attendees’ favorite sessions at the annual AAM conference.

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Infographic: Tweets Heard ‘Round The World

Twitter – the unexpected place to be for museums and museum professionals.

It’s become such an important platform for facilitating museum communication that the American Alliance of Museums created the role of ‘Social Media Journalist’ at their annual conference to help keep conversation flowing, give unique perspectives, and curate content for those following along at home.

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Boot Camp Alum Update: Treat Yo Self Tour

Angela May is a Docent and Tour Coordinator at Birmingham Museum of Art and was the first to admit that she was totally out of her element at our Boot Camp for museum professionals.

Our Audience Development Boot Camp is an intense three-day weekend where you become a “Hacker in Training,” learning how to:

  • Structure tours with activities, pacing, and varied types of pieces to engage, and re-engage, audiences.
  • Utilize scaffolding and language to fight “museum fatigue” and invite visitors to share their thoughts and feelings in an open and non-threatening environment.
  • Develop exploratory games and activities that give visitors fun missions, connect them with objects on display, and get them discussing their finds with each other – and through the use of technology.
Hackers in Training learning about audience engagement and how to structure a tour.

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Boot Camp Alum Update: Cool Story BRO

Laura Sears is the Volunteer and Public Programs Coordinator First Division Museum at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, IL. The U.S. Army’s First Infantry Division comes to life within within the museum, sharing the proud history of the the group, nicknamed “Big Red One.”

Laura attended our first Audience Development Boot Camp and took her new hack skills back to her museum.

Our first bootcamp, Laura is the 3rd in from the left in the pink sweater.

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How Small Museums Can Embrace Guerrilla Marketing

Here at Museum Hack, we believe small museums are superheroes! You can read our article Mini But Mighty to learn more about why we think this! In honor of small museums, we thought we’d focus on marketing tips specifically for small museums.

Hannah Hethmon, the Membership Marketing Coordinator at AASLH, recently wrote an article called “3 Guerrilla Marketing Tips for Small Museums” on her blog Museums + Social Media. We love the straightforward tips she has for small museums looking to jumpstart their marketing efforts.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite tips from her article below!