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We’re Bringing Boot Camp to Washington, DC

Have you ever thought about attending our Audience Engagement Boot Camp, but don’t want to go to New York? We’re bringing our Boot Camp for Museum Professionals to Washington DC!

4 Reasons You Should Have Your Wedding at a Museum

If you’re looking for beautiful, romantic, hassle-free and unique wedding venues, you should look no further than a museum. Museums provide an elegant and unique backdrop for the most important day of your life. As an added bonus, museums are fun and engaging reception venues for you and your guests. If you’re thinking about booking Keep Reading

Combating Compartmentalization: A Case Study with Morton Arboretum

Just outside of Chicago, you can visit a stunning 1,700 acres of public gardens, hiking trails, and even a herbarium. The Morton Arboretum offers an extensive nature-entered education program for visitors of all ages, a library and tree research center, and a slew of events. The only downside?

Curating the Museum Shopping Experience: Are You $elling Your Mu$eum $hort?

In almost every museum you will likely find a store selling various products promoting the museum, like postcards, stationery, books, etc. The museum store generally is associated with buying a memento of the museum experience, to remind or tell visitors that they were there. Some stores even stock unique products associated with the museum’s theme, Keep Reading

5 Pretty Simple Ways to Increase Your Museum’s Revenue

Museums are awesome, but they are often strapped for cash. With limited funding and big operating costs, money can be the biggest barrier museums face when trying to bring cool ideas to life. That’s why we think getting creative with revenue streams is a great idea. There’s more to generating income for your museum than Keep Reading