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Boot Camp Alum Update: An Awesome #AdultFieldTrip

Our Audience Development Boot Camp is all about teaching museum professionals how to look at their home institutions in new ways. Alums of the program are doing some extremely cool things at their own museums.

5 Museums Holding Viewing Parties for the Total Solar Eclipse

Museums are timeless institutions, carefully preserving the knowledge and history of our world for generations to come — but as we’ve said, there’s great value to be found in jumping on of-the-moment trends to better connect with and stay relevant in the eyes of today’s audience.

How Your Newsletter Can Be The Star of India

As Flannery O’Connor once said: “A good newsletter is hard to find.” Or did she say man? Either way, the truth is, inspiring and awesome emails are pretty rare. If you have an email account, you get unwanted emails; there’s just no way around it. In 2016, 53% of all email messages accounted for were Keep Reading

11 Museums Making the Most of Membership Programs

Museums know the best visitor is one who becomes a member. The expense of museum membership can often be off-putting, so member benefits are used to sweeten the deal — but, discounts on gift shops or member lunches can feel outdated and stale. So how are museums competing for visitor attention? By making membership programs Keep Reading

Art Right to Your Inbox with #SendMeSFMOMA

With so much of our lives firmly entrenched around the digital, museums not only have to worry about how to bring people into the museum, but how to connect with a constant online audience. What’s amazing is watching how new tech allows museums to interact and share their collections in stunning and innovative ways. The Keep Reading

5 Amazing Museum Jobs To Apply For This Month

Are you looking for new amazing museum jobs? There are some incredible institutions across the U.S. and Canada that are hiring right now.  Check out these five cool opportunities below and then head over to Museum.Jobs to see more!

Infographic: 10 Museum Mascots To Follow On Twitter

More and more museums are creating online personas for their onsite mascots. It’s a smart move in a variety of ways. Besides being fun, it’s an easy way to drop knowledge online in a unique way, and respond to some admiring fans. It also shows off that your museum is social media savvy, and knows Keep Reading

Your Museum Needs Late Openings: Here’s Why

Yes, your museum. Yours too. And yep, that’s right, even yours. Whether big or small, established or emerging, science, history, or art-focused, there are major benefits to organising late openings at your museum. Need convincing? Read on. They’re a great excuse to try something crazy Feeling like your museum is stuck in a rut? Got Keep Reading