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5 Museum Jobs to Apply for This Month

Heads up, museum lovers! Some of the top museums across the U.S. and Canada are hiring — and they’re looking for passionate, innovative, creative museum professionals like yourself!

Museums across North America are hiring – and we’ve rounded up some of our favorite new opportunities.

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Mini but Mighty: Why Small Museums are Superheroes

The most intriguing thing about superheroes isn’t that they leap tall buildings in a single bound or change into capes and spandex tights inside phone boxes. It’s the fact that they help save the world every day – without most people ever realizing it.

That’s why we think small museums are real-life superheroes.

As much as we love the Louvre and go gaga for the Getty, smaller, lesser-known museums provide unforgettable experiences and unique stories for visitors of all kinds – and they’re actually in the majority. More than half of all museums in the United States have three staff members or less.

The Mµseum in Somerville, MA. Credit: Joseph Curtatone, Trend Hunter.
The Mµseum in Somerville, MA. Credit: Joseph Curtatone, Trend Hunter.

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How Museums Can Help Promote Empathy

We talk a lot about how museums can use storytelling to transform museum experiences. We love thinking about fresh and innovative ways to re-engage new audiences and draw in new visitors.

But today we are going to focus on how museums, as institutions of history, culture and change, can help change the world. And, more specifically, how they can help increase empathy.

Elif M. Gokcigdem recently wrote an article for The Greater Good Science Center, located in Berkeley California. In this article, “Five Ways Museums Can Increase Empathy in the World,” Gokcigdem discusses the concept of empathy and how museums can become champions for the increasing empathy in the world.

Another cool thing about Gokcigdem: she has a book called “Fostering Empathy Through Museums” that showcases museums who are actually applying these practices.
We’ve compiled some of our favorite points and takeaways from Gokcigdem’s article below.   

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How To Turn New Visitors Into Lifelong Fans Of Your Museum: MODA Case Study

The Museum of Design Atlanta is a super cool place. There’s nothing quite like it nearby, as MODA is the only museum in its region focused on design.

But there was one area museum staff wanted to improve on when it came to the visitor experience. Staff didn’t want to just bring more people through their doors; they wanted to better engage them from the moment they arrived. The museum wanted visitors to have such an incredible experience, that they’d become lifelong visitors of the collection.

Zak with MODA staff.

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Twitter Round-up: Museums Advocacy Day 2017

It’s easy to have an election hangover and never want to look at anything remotely political for the foreseeable future – but museums came together this week to fight for the issues affecting them.

The American Alliance of Museums (AAM) recently hosted Museums Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C. where museum advocates from all over the country visited their Congressional Representatives to speak up for museums.

Museum Advocates at home could follow the action on the Hill with AAMs’ hashtag, #museumsadvocacy2017.

We sent Dustin and Julia to report back with a very important message – tell your representatives that museums are f***ing awesome.

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Same Skills, New Tech: Social Media Lessons from a 1967 AASLH Technical Leaflet

Our friends over at the American Association for State and Local History recently reached into the past for some social media tips. Read about their findings below from AASLH’s Marketing Membership Coordinator Hannah Hethmon.

Image via Queens of Vintage

At AASLH, we don’t like to reinvent the wheel. We are constantly looking back through History News, Technical Leaflets, and old promotional materials to remember and rediscover all that the association has done over the last 76 years. Yesterday, we came across a 1967 Technical Leaflet called “Reaching Your Public: The Historical Society Newsletter.” To our surprise, much of the advice given in this newsletter how-to is just as appropriate for history organizations on social media. It starts with this timeless challenge:

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The Importance of Storytelling to Engage Millennials (Case Study: Hancock Shaker Village)

Known as “The City of Peace,” Hancock Shaker Village is a living Shaker history museum in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

This Village — set on 750 acres with 20 authentic Shaker buildings —  preserves its rich history for generations to come with tours; live demonstrations of Shaker traditions; costumed interpreters; and a gallery showcasing a rotation of Shaker furniture, tools, and artifacts.

But with a community so richly steeped in tradition, how do you attract and engage younger audiences?

Hancock Shaker Village reached out to Museum Hack to find out how we might be able to help them formulate ideas and create programming for millennials — and create opportunity for engagement staff from different institutions in the Berkshire area to work together in the process!

Hancock Shaker Village | source

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Top 5 Museum Jobs to Apply for in February

This February, love is in the air and we’re in the mood to do a little museum job matchmaking! Top museums across the U.S. and Canada are looking for awesome museum professionals like yourself.

Looking for your dream museum job? We've got you covered.
Looking for your dream museum job? We’ve got you covered.

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