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Meet Sam Warnke, Scheduling & Customer Service Champion

Today, we sat down with Sam, our Scheduling & Customer Service Champion! Sam is a key piece of our behind-the-scenes team, always working to make sure our tours are scheduled, our customers are happy, and our lives are easier! Get to know more about Sam below. 
Sam is our Scheduling & Customer Champion.

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Sleuthing and Scavenger Hunts: Inside Museum Hack’s “Escape the Met” Experience

What do you get when you combine the thrill of an Escape Room with the energy of a Museum Hack tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

A whirlwind, narrative-based, team building puzzle we call Escape the Met!

What’s an Escape Room?

For the uninitiated, Escape Rooms are a phenomenon that have taken the “escape the room” genre of video games and put the experience into a physical location.

These rooms are filled with clues and elements that guests must utilize in order to “escape” in a certain amount of time; you’re not actually locked in, but it feels like it! Around the country (and around the world!), Escape Rooms have become a popular team building exercise!

Guests use pieces of “evidence” like these postcards to solve puzzles.
Guests use pieces of “evidence” like these postcards to solve puzzles.

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Meet Peter: Audience Development Specialist

Today, we’re talking to Peter Vega, our new Audience Development Specialist, and learning more about what he will be doing with Museum Hack and why he’d like to be reincarnated as a bowhead whale.

Peter Vega
Peter Vega is our new Audience Development Specialist who will be working with museums around the world.

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Mark Kennedy-McClellan Taking On New Role In 2017

We’re so excited to announce Mark Kennedy-McClellan’s new position with Museum Hack. Mark will ring in 2017 as our Experience Consulting Creative Producer, focusing entirely on building out our offerings for creative consulting projects with corporate clients.

Mark and Tasia together at an Exco event.
Mark and Chief of Staff Tasia together at an Exco event.

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Custom Company Team Building in NYC

As our rave reviews continue to show, museums and company team building events are a perfect match!

A few months ago, we hosted a team of thirty-six from Kings Collegiate Charter School on a two-hour tour of the American Museum of Natural History for an afternoon of creativity-boosting, team-building fun.

Boot Campers with a T-Rex at the American Museum of Natural History
A group enjoys a tour at the AMNH in NYC.

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16 Reasons to Host Your Holiday Party in a Museum

Still haven’t planned the company holiday party? No need to fret, we’re here for you – especially if you want to throw the most memorable holiday party ever/don’t want to end up like a holiday episode of The Office. But really, your holiday party is the perfect opportunity to reward your employees for hard work and celebrate big wins.


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4 Ways To Team Build With Your Remote Staff

Team building, you know we love it! From icebreakers, to games, to trainings, we love anything that helps us become a stronger group. We recently wrote an article about how we team build, giving you a glimpse into a company retreat we had in Philadelphia. But in this post, we want to show you a different side of our team building strategy: how we team build with our remote teams! Since we have team members all over North America and in different countries across the world, getting to know each other is critical to our overall success as a group. Trust us, we’ve tried all the remote team building tricks in the book! Here are our favorite team building activities that we find support and encourage our remote teams.

With more employees working from home, it's important to make sure your remote staff members still feel connected.
With more employees working from home, it’s important to make sure your remote staff members still feel connected.

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