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Curating the Museum Shopping Experience: Are You $elling Your Mu$eum $hort?

In almost every museum you will likely find a store selling various products promoting the museum, like postcards, stationery, books, etc. The museum store generally is associated with buying a memento of the museum experience, to remind or tell visitors that they were there. Some stores even stock unique products associated with the museum’s theme, Keep Reading

5 Pretty Simple Ways to Increase Your Museum’s Revenue

Museums are awesome, but they are often strapped for cash. With limited funding and big operating costs, money can be the biggest barrier museums face when trying to bring cool ideas to life. That’s why we think getting creative with revenue streams is a great idea. There’s more to generating income for your museum than Keep Reading

Museum Squad Goals vs. Museum Roles

Curatorial, Events, Programs, Education, Conservation, Sponsorship, Visitor Services…museums all over the world have diverse collections and diverse organizational structures. In some museums, one person may be what three people are in another museum and some museums may not have any staff.

These Museums are Doing Halloween Right

Looking for inspiration to turn your museum into a Halloween hotspot? Whether your museum is large or small, there’s a whole lot more you can do than just candy and jack-o-lanterns! From escape rooms to sleepovers to dinosaur costume parties, check out these awesome Halloween programming ideas that museums of all sizes are already doing.

Should museums have a personality?

In a medium where tone and voice are key, what does it mean to funnel a museum’s online presence through a unique filter: ourselves? Think about some of your favourite museums on Twitter. How about Instagram? What is it about how they present themselves across social media that you enjoy or relate to? Beyond the Keep Reading

Infographic: 8 Books Featuring Museums

We’re all pretty familiar with Dan Brown’s “The DaVinci Code” & others in the series that prominently feature museums or museum professionals. We love books and museums – and it’s even better when the two are combined! Below we’ve rounded up eight books featuring museums. Have you read any? Let us know what you thought!

The Proof Is In The Numbers: Why Museums Should Care About Social Proof

Colleen Dilenschneider of ‘Know Your Own Bone’ recently wrote about how important social media is to your visitors. Around 52% of visitors to cultural organizations use social media onsite – and it has a positive impact on their satisfaction levels. So does using social media onsite increase visitor satisfaction, or do visitors who are more Keep Reading

Infographic: 7 Strange Museums Around the World

According to ICOM, there are at least 55,000 museums around the world – that’s a lot! Some of these museums, however,  are pretty obscure, with collections dedicated to the strange and specific. Here’s some of our favorites from around the world:

Keeping it Simple: Why Jargon is Holding Your Museum Back

Future-proof. Interpretation. Audiences. Engagement. Change management. Collections. Interactivity. Segmentation. Co-curation. Do you ever use these jargon terms at your museum? They all serve a practical purpose in some contexts, but it’s important to remember that their definitions aren’t obvious to everyone.