She Said Yes! Rafi’s Amazing Surprise Proposal At The Met

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Stories November 19, 2019 She Said Yes! Rafi’s Amazing Surprise Proposal At The Met

There’s nothing we love more at Museum Hack than celebrating love.

Proposal tours are among our favorite events to plan, and earlier this year, we were lucky enough to work with Rafi to create the perfect proposal experience for his soon-to-be-fiancée, Emily.  


Rafi had a specific vision for his proposal and worked closely with his tour guide, Jen, to help bring it to life. We crafted a custom scavenger hunt designed to keep the couple engaged (and Emily unsuspecting!) throughout their tour leading up to the big moment. 

Once Rafi proposed, the couple enjoyed a celebratory glass of wine in the beautiful cafe before heading off to share the wonderful news with family and friends!

We had a wonderful time helping Rafi pull together the perfect surprise proposal! Afterward, he sent us a message with his thoughts on the afternoon.

After finally catching up on my beauty sleep and 3-4 days of post-engagement busy-ness, I finally have some free time to write a thank you email. I usually tell myself to send thank you notes, and then ultimately never do, but this time I feel like a genuine expression of gratitude is in order.

As you noticed (“he was very thorough”), I’m a perfectionist. This is why I chose Emily, and since the proposal was for her, naturally it had to be perfect, too. So I had an extremely high bar. After Saturday I can say: my expectations were not only exceeded, they were redefined. You completely blew it out of the water! I was extremely impressed. Hell, during the first lead, I found myself really enjoying it, and it helped calm me down. And the sell was top-notch (I particular liked: “Is this your first time at the MET?”; in my head I was thinking: “Hello??? Of course n— Oh, I see what you’re doing there. So sneaky!”). In fact, even after the proposal, Emily told me it took her a while to realize that the BETA Puzzle Hunt was completely made up! She thought I had found the BETA event and asked you guys to tack a proposal at the end: it took her almost an hour to realize that instead we had tacked the scavenger hunt onto the beginning. The entire event went very smoothly. And, speaking as a perfectionist: it went far better than I’d hoped.

And the photos! They’re so good! Especially the whole proposal: you can literally see Emily’s emotional response evolve through her facial expressions. (I must admit: when I saw them on Sunday morning, I just started bawling out of pure happiness—shh, don’t tell anybody… ok, fine, maybe some people :wink:. For months I had looked at the proposal blog posts on and seen the reactions of surprise, so that was the reaction I had aimed for: a raw emotional response of pure surprise and joy. On Saturday I knew I had achieved that goal, but the fact that it was captured in photography was the icing on the cake: we will always have these to look back on whenever we want, and we’re able to share the moment with all our friends and family (and our future kids!). And they’re so beautiful! The lighting clearly shows the work of a professional, and Emily noticed how most if not all the photos were framed in such a way that they captured works of art. I was extremely pleased with the end result. On Monday morning, we posted our engagement on Facebook—it has since garnered an overwhelmingly positive response, probably mostly due to the experience being conveyed so well in the photos. So please send a thank you in Dennis’s way from me.

Lastly, I wanted to say thank you to the entire Museum Hack organization. After Saturday, I can veritably say: MuseumHack will always have a special place in my heart, and in our marriage. (Speaking of, I would love to check out Museum Hack tours—maybe try some of your “hard” puzzles haha.)

Anyway, for the last time, and from the bottom of my heart: thank you very much!
– Rafi (and for the first time too: Emily)


Check out more of the amazing photos from the tour! 













written with 💖 by Carly Hill

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